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Travel Security Services & Executive Protection

Executive Protection (EP)
Personal Protection Officer (PPO)

Executive protection (EP) security operations is a "niche" space within the security industry which requires additional schools focused on close protection and advanced training.  If done correctly, the Principal will have peace of mind, increased productivity, and a large return on investment for security.  1st Veterans Security LLC specializes in this type of close protection operation and low-profile movement of the client in Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and internationally.  Our EP operators are experienced, special warfare veterans with careers built on successful war-time personal security details (PSD) movements overseas in Iraq, Afghanistan, and South East Asia.  However, our security teams are also trained in the "white-glove" standards of executive protection commonly found outside C-Suite boardrooms in Houston, Dallas, or Austin, Texas. 


1st Veterans Security LLC understands the unique, low profile security required in this space and have tailored a program specifically to meet the security challenges associated with high-net worth individuals in Texas and Mississippi.  Our objective is to protect the principle without being disruptive to their daily lives while increasing their productivity.  Our Personal Protection Officers (PPO) will communicate with the client, plan the travel details for the day, wear the necessary attire to blend into the environment, and let you focus on your business, vacation, or life. 

"Lessons Learned Overseas, Applied to Protect You"

Executive Protection Services Include:

  • Personal Protection Officer (PPO)

  • High-Risk Executive Protection Team

  • Convoy Protection

  • Estate / Facility Protection

  • Post Disaster Protection Operations

  • Travel Advisory, Training, Risk Planning

  • Driving Services

  • Counter-Surveillance / Debugging

  • EOD Operations

  • More...

Value Add to Principal and Family with Executive Protection:

  • Peace of Mind

  • Increased Productivity

  • Principal Protection & Security

  • Family Protection & Security

  • Secure Transportation

  • Kidnapping / Ransom Deterrent

  • Violent Crime Deterrent

  • Human Trafficking Deterrent on Vacations

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