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Mississippi Cannabis Security Services

Mississippi Cannabis Security Services

Cannabis Security Services

"Special Operation Veterans Protecting Your Mississippi Cannabis Business"

Cannabis security is an often overlooked or underestimated critical component to any successful cannabis business model.  Our mission as a Cannabis security team is to effectively safeguard your patients, team, dispensary, grow facility, and product without disrupting business operations or the "vibe/culture" of your business.  We offer a variety of security services to assist you in protecting your Cannabis business operations which include security officers and internal loss prevention audits. Our team of Special Operations veterans will design, build, and implement a single solution, special security package to address all of your security challenges.

Cannabis Dispensary security

Protect Your Mississippi Cannabis Business Today!

Mississippi Cannabis Security Services:

  • Physical Security Services

  • Dispensary Security Operations

  • Grow Facility Security Operations

  • Secure Cash Transport

  • Security Officers

  • Cannabis Training

    • Cannabis Materials Management (CMM)​

    • Crisis Mitigation Training (CMT)

  • Cannabis ​Worker Permit Onboarding

    • New Cannabis "Worker Permit" Paper Work Management​

    • New Worker Background Check, Investigation, Report

    • New Worker Onboarding 

  • Loss Prevention Investigation​

Cannabis Security Competitive Advantages:

  • Experience

  • Contracting veterans who have dedicated their lives to perfecting security to protect you and your business.

The primary "value add" that our Cannabis clients receive when they select 1st Veterans Security LLC is the peace of mind that comes from professionals protecting their business.  We reduce liability and mitigate risk by using seasoned veterans who are very trained to de-escalate stress situations and protect your team. 

Cannabis Security Training

1. Cannabis Materials Management (CMM)

The Cannabis Materials Management (CMM) handler course is designed to provide Cannabis businesses with a consistent training curriculum for their team, staff, and personnel which handles or is physically around regulated Cannabis products.  Similar to "Sensitive Materials Training" required in the defense space, the CMM handler course will train your business team to effectively handle regulated Cannabis materials with 100% accountability and less time wasted with in-effective methods.   

2. Crisis Mitigation Training (CMT)

The Crisis Mitigation Training (CMT) course is designed to provide Cannabis businesses with a de-escalation and violent encounter survival training curriculum for their team, staff, and personnel.  Unfortunately, Cannabis businesses are subjected to a higher level of violent crime due to the presence of regulated products of high value and cash assets.  When violence occurs, your team will be trained to identify pre-attack indicators, de-escalate the situation, survive the violent encounter, identify critical elements of the criminal for the police report, and much more!  Call us today to see how our team of Private Military Contractors and Special Operations veterans can train your team to remain safe while operating a Cannabis business. 

Cannabis Traning

Mississippi Cannabis Security News

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