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Staff Protection Security Services

Find out how 1st Veterans Security LLC protects the workplace during layoffs, hostile employee terminations, threats of violence, and more. 


Keeping the Workplace Safe

Layoffs, hostile employee terminations, and company divestments are all unfortunate components of the corporate life cycle.  1st Veterans Security LLC is there to keep your peace of mind, your employees safe, and the workplace free from hostile threats during this transitionary period.  Our low-profile security teams are trained to blend seamlessly into the corporate space or worksite and will keep your employees safe without interrupting the day-to-day operations.  Find out more how 1st Veterans Security LLC protects the workplace.  

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Keeping Your Staff Productive

When your employees are focused on a threat and looking over their shoulder, they are not focused on their responsibilities at the company.  1st Veterans Security LLC deploys plainclothes security operators to businesses at times of stress or threat to reassure the staff they are protected.  Find out how we keep corporations safe during troubling times.

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