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Executive Protection Officer - 1st Veterans Security LLC

Executive Protection Services
Dallas, Texas

Bodyguard & Close Protection Specialists

Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) 

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Better Business Bureau Accredited

Protecting your assets doesn't just mean protecting your money. It also means protecting the important people that may possess assets, industry knowledge, or trade secrets that compromise their security. Here at 1st Veterans LLC, we provide executive protection services for those whose lives may be at risk simply for who they are. Whether you're a CEO, billionaire, celebrity, or other VIP, you know that no matter what you do, you likely have a pair of eyes on you. Without proper protection, it can be hard to feel safe. One of the major benefits of using a close protection security service is that you have someone on the front line dedicated to protecting you or a client at all times. 

What Is Executive Protection Services?

Executive Protection (EP), also known as close protection, refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of a Client, VIP, Celebrity, or other individual who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, activity, or geographical location.  

1st Veterans Security LLC provides low-profile, close protection security services (e.g. "bodyguard services") for private clients, VIPs, celebrities, public figures, and business executives.  The licensed and trained Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) at 1st Veterans Security LLC are considered Tier-1 in the EP community because of their unique professional careers in U.S. Special Operations and as close protection security contractors (PMCs) on U.S. Federal Contract overseas. 


In addition, PPOs at 1st Veterans Security LLC are required to attend mandatory EP skillset development classes and advanced EP training schools on a regular basis.  We do not rely on the minimum training and license standards. 

If you need a bodyguard, personal security, or executive protection, contact us for a free EP Consultation.

What Makes Us the Best

  1. We hire trusted veterans from Special Operations.

  2. We screen, train, test, and rigorously evaluate our PPOs. 

  3. We provide the best protection available to the Client.

We Hire Veterans Security

What Makes Us the Best in Dallas, Texas

  1. We deploy the most screened, trained, and prepared PPOs available in Dallas.

  2. We know the city of Dallas and understand the threat profile present.

  3. We provide the best protection and customizable service available to the Client.

Dallas Texas

Do You Need Executive in Dallas, Texas?

Whether you are looking for a full-time Personal Protection Officer (e.g. "Bodyguard") or reassurance that your guests will be taken care of at your next big event, 1st Veterans Security LLC is here to protect you in Dallas, Texas.

Contact our team for a free consultation today.

We know Dallas, Texas.

We understand the threat.

We will keep you safe.

Personal Executive Protection

"Boutique Executive Protection"

1st Veterans Security LLC is a "boutique" executive protection (EP) firm which means we are completely customizable to the Client's security needs.  While the EP team is large enough to handle serious Clients with specific threats and long-term contracts, 1st Veterans Security LLC remains steadfastly available to the smallest client with the lowest-risk profile because everyone deserves competent and professional close protection services.  

Steps to Secure Executive Protection Services

  1. Contact Us for a Free Consultation

  2. Complete Risk Assessment

  3. Review the Security Plan & EP Contract

  4. Sign EP Contract

  5. Your PPO will meet you at the designated start of the EP contract. 

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Better Business Bureau Accredited

Experienced Personal Protection Officers to Keep You Safe, Happy, & Productive

Dallas Texas

We Provide EP Services to the Smallest Client in Dallas

1st Veterans Security LLC has the experienced Personal Protection Officers needed to keep you safe.  There is no client too small for close protection.

Contact our team for a free consultation today.

Advanced EP operations available in Dallas, Texas:

  • Secure Transportation Vehicles

  • High-Risk Security Teams

  • EOD Detection

  • Counter - Surveillance

  • Much More...

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Executive Protection Services

What Makes 1st Veterans Security LLC PPOs the Best?

Training & Selection

PPO Training & Protection Advantage vs Industry Average

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1st Veterans Security LLC

Personal Protection Officer (PPO) Training Standards

  1. Un-Commissioned Security Guard - Un-Armed - 6 Hrs

  2. Commissioned Security Guard - Armed - 40 Hrs

  3. Personal Protection Officer - 15 Hrs

  4. Advanced Handgun, Rifle, Pistol 

  5. Personal Protection Operations Basic

  6. Personal Protection Operations Advanced 

  7. Vehicle Defense

  8. PPO Vehicle Protection 

  9. Executive Protection Operations - Basic 

  10. Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) - Trauma Aid

  11. Verbal De-Escalation & Crisis Mitigation Training

Nearest Competitor (Industry)

Personal Protection Officer (PPO) Training Standards

  1. Un-Commissioned Security Guard - Un-Armed - 6 Hrs

  2. Commissioned Security Guard - Armed - 40 Hrs

  3. Personal Protection Officer - 15 Hrs

Executive Protection Clients

If you are in the public eye, a public figure, a politician, a business executive, or just want to feel safe at your next event, consider executive protection services by 1st Veterans Security LLC. 

​Typical Client Profiles for Executive Protection

  • C-Suite Executives

  • CEO; CFO; COO; Board Members

  • Family Offices

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • Family Vacation Travels

  • Public Figures / Candidates

  • VIP protection

  • Social Media Influencers

  • Keynote address protection

  • Authors on book signing tour

  • Jazz/Blues singer traveling to a performance

  • Protection for stalking, domestic violence, and former employee scenarios

  • Anyone who has a security concern and wants protection.

Why Do You Need Executive Protection Services?

1st Veterans Security LLC believes that all public figures, politicians, and business executives should evaluate contracting professional executive protection services.  Working with our security team benefits the client in several ways.

  1. Peace of Mind - Our mission is to keep the Client safe, happy, and productive while under our protection.

  2. Executive Protection security is proactive compared to reactive.  We will stop a threat before it becomes a problem.

  3. Crime and personal threats are one less thing you will need to worry about or waste time handling.  

  4. As your PPO protects you from threats, our Clients often report a significant increase in productivity.

1st Veterans Security LLC has a unique 30+ year relationship with several Family Offices in the Gulf Coast.  We understand the unique, low-profile security required in this space and have tailored a security package specifically designed to meet the security challenges associated with high net worth individuals in Texas and Mississippi.


We provide a suite of security services to include close personal protection, estate security, mobile security, travel security, event security, and much more.

1st Veterans Security LLC uses its direct experience in special operations and private military contracting to conduct safe, high-risk protection operations domestically and internationally. 


Depending on the threat profile, region, or country, the team will operate with an interpreter, EOD, or CAT supplement as needed.   

1st Veterans Security LLC Private Military Contractors
US Army Special Forces
US Army 75th Ranger Regiment
US Central Intelligence Agency
Security Services - Convoy Protection Operations
Vehicle Defense Executive Protection
Vehicle Defense Fight From the Vehicle

Compared to our nearest peer security firm, 1st Veterans Security LLC does not rely only on classroom learning or operator background to teach the principles of protection.  Our instructor cadre teach and demonstrate the principles of protection in the field and then evaluate our personal protection officer's understanding with a timed standard evaluation.  

If you need personal security or executive protection, contact 1st Veterans Security LLC for a complimentary, confidential, EP Consultation.

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