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License: PSE-23-CO-001

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1st Veterans Security LLC

Louisiana Division

1st Veterans Security LLC is licensed and insured as a private contract security company in the State of Louisiana. 

Our Louisiana security officers are former special warfare veterans with decades of experience in high-risk security, non-permissive environments, and war zones working for the U.S. Government.  Our security officers are committed to your safety.  They will work with you or your business to design and implement a security plan which keeps you safe while in Louisiana.  

Executive protection (EP) or close protection is a niche space within the security services industry.  Specifically, it requires additional schools and advanced training for a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) to effectively protect a client from a "real-world" threat.  Personal Protection Officers at 1st Veterans Security LLC are hand selected by the Director of Operations and are further screened, interviewed, and trained on standards similar to the Federal Contracts our operators work on overseas. 

Some of the additional training required before our security officers can deploy on executive protection operations in Louisiana include:

  • Psych Evaluation (MMPI-2)

  • Advanced Trauma Aid Training (TCCC)

  • Vehicle Defense

  • Close Protection Basic

  • Close Protection Advanced

  • Crisis Intervention and De-Escalation Tactics

  • More...

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