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1st Veterans Security LLC

Mississippi Division

1st Veterans Security LLC is licensed and insured as a private contract security company in the state of Mississippi.    

Our Mississippi security officers are former special warfare veterans with decades of experience in high-risk security, non-permissive environments, and war zones working for the U.S. Government.  Our security officers are committed to your safety.  They will work with you or your business to design and implement a security plan which keeps you safe. 

1st Veterans Security LLC focuses on Cannabis Security operations in Mississippi, but provides a full suite of security services throughout the State.  Cannabis Security is an often overlooked or underestimated critical component to any successful cannabis business model.  Our mission as a Cannabis security company in Mississippi is to effectively safeguard your patients, team, dispensary, grow facility, and product without disrupting business operations or the "vibe/culture" of your business.

Our security company is focused on protecting Cannabis business owners, both Growers and Dispensaries, because of the high-risk associated with the industry.  We utilize our experienced team of Mississippi security officers to provide effective physical security to prevent violent crime and internal loss.  Read more about our Cannabis security operations in our "Security News" section.

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