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Security Patrol Services
Lake Charles, Louisiana

Professional Security Officers Dedicated to Your Business

Louisiana Private Security
1st Veterans Security LLC
Better Business Bureau Accredited

 Over time, dedicated thieves and vandals start to learn the patterns of full-time onsite officers, but at 1st Veterans Security LLC, we offer mobile security patrol services to ensure this never happens. The best part about private security patrol is that you get all the benefits of an officer without having to pay one full-time. With patrols scheduled at changing or random intervals, dangerous criminals can't learn our patterns and your property stays protected.

What Is Mobile Security Patrol Services?

Mobile security patrol is a low cost security solution for businesses of all types.  1st Veterans Security LLC provides mobile security patrols for hotels, business complexes, office parks, retail centers, industrial parks, facilities, and so much more.  Our armed security officers are screened, licensed, and trained regularly to provide the most effective security patrols to our Clients.  If you need private security but do not want a full-time security officer on-site, then mobile security patrol is the crime deterrent solution that you want.  Contact 1st Veterans Security LLC to learn more about mobile security patrol services. 


If you need a private security, mobile security patrol, or other security services contact us for a free Consultation.

Mobile Security Patrol

Protect Your Business with
Mobile Security Patrol

Trained, Licensed, Insured

What Makes Mobile Security Patrol Effective

  1. It's a Customized Physical Security Solution for the Business Owner.

  2. It's a Security Patrol Randomized to Prevent Criminal Intelligence Gathering (e.g. Casing).

  3. It's a Cost Effective Crime Deterrent.

  4. It's a Professional Private Security Team Dedicated to You.

  5. It's a Uniformed Security Presence to Keep Your Facility Safe.

  6. It's a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Security Company Protecting You!

Dedicated Security Services - Mobile Security Patrol

Dedicated Security Services Focused on Your Business

1st Veterans Security LLC

24/7 Protection

1st Veterans Security LLC provides 24/7 security patrols to our private clients and businesses.  Our teams are available when you need them.


Security officers at 1st Veterans Security LLC are trained to standards that far exceed the required state training requirements for private security.


1st Veterans Security LLC only operates where the company is licensed as a private security company or armed courier company.  All security officers at 1st Veterans Security LLC are officially licensed as armed security guards by the applicable state regulatory board.  Many security officers are licensed in multiple states!


1st Veterans Security LLC, and all of our security guards, are fully insured to conduct security operations.  Our clients are protected from both physical crime and liability.

If you require private security, personal security, or executive protection, contact the 1st Veterans Security LLC  Business Development Team for a free consultation by hitting the button below. 

Mobile Security Patrol

Custom Patrol Routes Designed For The Client

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1st Veterans Security LLC

Mobile Security Patrol Services Clients

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Corporate Security
Corporate Security

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Hotel Security Services

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