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Area Expansion: Florida & Alabama Security Coming Soon!

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

1st Veterans Security LLC is in the process of expanding their area of operations to include Alabama and Florida during Q3 & Q4 of 2022. Look for an announcement coming soon when the necessary security licenses in these States are secured!

1st Veterans Security is a Tier-1 security company currently across the state of Texas (License #B24056501) and Mississippi which provides experienced and professional security officers to our clients and business partners.

Our company focuses on hiring veterans from the U.S. military, special operations community, conventional units, and law enforcement. We want experienced and trained security officers in the field because it is our mission to mitigate risk, promote safety, and break the negative stereotype often associated with the private security guard.

Our business development team is working diligently to expand the number of States where we provide security services. Florida and Alabama will soon join the growing list of States where 1st Veterans Security LLC is cleared for security operations in the Gulf Coast!

If security is a concern to you or your business, 1st Veterans Security LLC is the team that you want on contract. We grow our areas of operation in conjunction with our clients and their businesses. As we grow across the Gulf Coast, 1st Veterans Security LLC is able to respond quickly to any security need in the region.

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