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1st Veterans Security LLC - Cannabis Business Investigation Division

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

"Keeping your company safe from internal loss through Prevention and Response."

1st Veterans Security LLC - Investigations Division conducts background checks and interviews with new hires to mitigate internal loss.


1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier-1, full service private security company dedicated to protecting Cannabis businesses through deploying experienced security teams comprised of veterans of special operations, conventional units, and advanced law enforcement.

1st Veterans Security LLC - Investigations Division is comprised of seasoned, professional private investigators (PI) which work diligently in prevention and response.


Prevention includes background checks, worker investigations, and work flow audits to mitigate the risk of "internal loss" from employees. We provide an on-boarding service to clients in which 1st Veterans Security LLC can manage the Cannabis worker permit paperwork, conduct background investigations on new hires, and train new hires on security procedures in place at the facility. Ask our team to learn more about the on-boarding services we can provide to assist you!


Response includes a detailed investigation to find, locate, and identify persons of interest in the theft of product. We understand the liability of internal loss to the bottom line and longevity of a Cannabis business. Our investigators are licensed PIs with experience in corporate espionage, internal loss conspiracy, and field work.

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