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Cannabis Security Officers and New Cannabis Businesses

Do you think about Cannabis security operations? -- We Do.

Don't Overlook. Don't Overestimate Your Ability.

The life blood of any company is the cashflow earned from products and services provided to the market. If your cashflow is compromised through criminal activity, the business suffers a potential catastrophic loss and cannot succeed.

Liability & Regulatory Concerns - "I Got This! or Do I?"

Many business owners think of eliminating expense and handling security on their own, but have given little thought to the potential risk, liability, and regulations of transporting large sums of cash or product? Are you willing to put yourself or your team at risk transporting valuable items or do you want a trained and licensed professional security officer to handle secure transportation?

Myth: "I can handle my own security. I got this!" - New Business Owner

Fact: Whenever there is a modest amount of cash or valuable product present, there will always be a criminal element looking to take it. Don't expose your company to the risk of robbery or burglary through underestimating security. In addition, don't expose your company to the civil or criminal liability of handling your own security without the approved training, license, and insurance.

Many States require training, specific licenses, and insurance to provide contract security services. These requirements are to protect the public and the client (e.g. business owner) from an unregulated security industry. If you are providing your own security, make sure you are in-line with your State's training, license, insurance, regulation, and compliance requirements or contact 1st Veterans Security LLC to see how we can secure your operation.

Solution: Trust Security Professionals to Handle Security

1st Veterans Security LLC is a client focused security company which provides licensed, trained, and experienced professional security officers. We are security subject matter experts and have decades of experience running low profile secure transportation operations all over the world. Let us help you secure your Cannabis business operation.

Call us today to see how we can help!

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