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Cannabis Security: The Reasons to Contract Professional Security Guards

Cannabis Security Objective:

“The objective of any professional Cannabis security company is to make life easier for the Cannabis business through minimizing risk and mitigating security challenges that threaten the peace and stability of the business model without burdening their budget or altering their culture.” – 1st Veterans Security LLC

Why Do I Need Contract Security?

Some companies immediately see the need for a third party, professional security element and call 1st Veterans Security LLC to address their security concerns. However, other Cannabis businesses view security from a different point of view and believe their security program is sufficient through a “Do It Myself” program. Each category has its advantages and disadvantages. Though, the main element the Cannabis business owner should be focused on is LIABILITY.

When a client or business owner calls 1st Veterans Security LLC for private security services, that business owner understands the liability risks that come from providing their own security. Most states have a specific security “company license” and security “guard license” which are both required prior to providing any security services. Does a Cannabis business owner want to spend the time and effort paying fees, applying, qualifying, and staying up to date on security legislation in their State? No - Any business owner should be focused on cash flow of the business! Leave security to the licensed, insured, and experienced subject matter experts in security, 1st Veterans Security LLC.

How Can Security Help My Business?

Our leadership team firmly believes that professional Cannabis security, when deployed effectively, will help the Cannabis business owner (e.g. grower and dispensary) and the Cannabis industry overall.


Whenever there is a product of modest value, there will always be a criminal element looking to intercede maliciously. There are already news articles in Oklahoma of men dressed like law enforcement trying to steal plants from a grow facility. A Cannabis security company, like 1st Veterans Security LLC, can help mitigate the risk of a criminal activity at your facilities. We use a variety of methods that are successfully employed domestically and overseas in other operations to harden the security at a grow facility. This includes vehicle patrol, drone reconnaissance, armed security officers, surveillance cameras, and much more! We use force multiplier technology to maximize the return on investment to the client and to stay under budget.


Your customers want to feel safe when walking into a dispensary to purchase medicinal marijuana with cash. However, they also do not want to walk into a fortified structure with needless or redundant security measures. This is where a competent and professional security company, like 1st Veterans Security LLC, can help the Cannabis business owner. Not every structure needs the same security measures. Not every security measure needs to be visible to the public. Finally, our leadership team firmly believes in employing effective security without altering the culture of the store. This core idea guides our security efforts in Cannabis dispensary operations. We can secure your business without your customers being affected.

Cannabis Industry:

The Cannabis industry is an emerging market with strict regulations and a lot of oversight wanting it to fail. When growers, dispensaries, cash, or products are burglarized, it turns the public opinion against the entire industry. Critics begin asking questions like, “Do I want this type of criminal activity near my home? Do you remember burglaries or robberies occurring like this before Cannabis was legalized? Etc…”. Competent, professional Cannabis security, like 1st Veterans Security LLC, minimizes the risk of criminal activity interceding in your business model. Vehicle patrols, armed security officers, effective offsite monitoring of surveillance cameras, drone reconnaissance, and other security measures can be employed to secure your Cannabis business, make your customers feel safe, and bring stability and longevity to the Cannabis industry. Call or email us today to start a conversation about security and your business!

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