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Coordinated Attack on a Legal Cannabis Dispensary

You cannot choose the time and place of the robbery. However, you can choose now to have the 1st Veterans Security LLC team to be there protecting you, your staff, your team, and your product!

Cannabis Dispensary - Coordinated Attack

Does your security plan incorporate an experienced and tested response to a violent encounter? 1st Veterans Security LLC works with small businesses to design and implement physical security plans inclusive of trained security officers.

Cannabis security in a dispensary or a grow facility is a critical component to any successful business model. After watching this coordinated attack on a California Cannabis dispensary, do you feel comfortable operating your Cannabis business as planned? 1st Veterans Security LLC is standing by to assist you with all of your Cannabis security challenges! We are subject matter experts in physical security and providing security officers. Contact us today to learn more information on how we can help you.

Immediate Lessons Learned:

  • You cannot afford to underestimate the criminal element and their willingness, preparation, and discipline to intercede in your business to take monetary assets or Cannabis products.

  • If your team or staff are unprepared or untrained to de-escalate critical incidents, their very lives are at risk. Check out our de-escalation training.

  • Not all security is equal. 1st Veterans Security LLC is a tier-1 security firm which provides competent, trained, and experienced security officers to protect our clients and business partners.

Action Items:

  • Call 1st Veterans Security LLC today to visit with our professional team of operators regarding your security program at a dispensary or a grow facility.

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