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Protecting MS Cannabis Business Operations - 1st Veterans Security LLC

Cannabis Grow Facility Protection
Cannabis Grow Facility Protection


1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier-1, full service private security company dedicated to protecting Cannabis businesses through deploying experienced security teams comprised of veterans of special operations, conventional units, and advanced law enforcement.

Our team of Naval Special Warfare veterans works together with clients to find effective security solutions designed for their businesses and lifestyle. - Leadership Team

Due to its background in Naval Special Warfare and Private Military Contracting, 1st Veterans Security LLC has the unique ability to hire former U.S. Navy SEALs, MARSOC Raiders, SWCC, and other skilled veterans for executive protection assignments and special security operations. Our teams specialize in Cannabis security, executive protection, corporate security, personal protection, estate security, critical site protection, defense consulting, and much more.

We aim to hire, train, and deploy as many honorable veterans as possible.

Cannabis Business Security Operations

Cannabis security is an often overlooked or underestimated critical component of any successful Cannabis business model. Our mission as a Cannabis security team is to effectively safeguard your patients, team, dispensary, grow facility, and product without disrupting business operations or the "vibe/culture" of your business. We offer a variety of security services to assist you in protecting your Cannabis business operations which include security officers and internal loss prevention audits. Our team of Naval Special Warfare veterans will design, build, and implement a single solution, special security package to address all of your security challenges.

Cannabis Security Services

  • Physical Security Services

  • Dispensary Security Operations

  • Grow Facility Security Operations

  • Secure Cash Transport

  • Security Officers

  • Internal Loss Prevention & Investigation

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1st Veterans Security LLC

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