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Raising the Bar: Hiring Veterans at 1st Veterans Security LLC

"Rising the Bar" is a series showing all the actionable things that 1st Veterans Security LLC is doing to redefine the Security Space.

We hire U.S. Veterans! Please Apply Today!

We Hire Veterans! - Private Security Houston, Texas, Mississippi
We Hire Veterans!

Our team focuses on hiring U.S. veterans from the special operations community, conventional units, and law enforcement officers with advanced training. We want experienced security officers in the field because it is our mission to mitigate risk, promote safety, and redefine the security industry.

Veterans of the U.S military and law enforcement community have a unique perspective and insight when it comes to protection and security. 1st Veterans Security LLC is proud to be a company who emphasizes employing U.S. Veterans first.

If you are a U.S. Veteran, we want to talk with you about working at 1st Veterans Security LLC.


  1. Professional

  2. Hard Working

  3. Polite & Positive

  4. Eager to Train and Always Improve Yourself in Training

  5. Adhere to the Core Principles of the Company


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