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Security Services for Mississippi Cannabis Businesses

Is your Mississippi security company up to the task of protecting you and your Cannabis business effectively? Metrics to measure and evaluate your security company.


Cannabis security operations are a higher-risk security service compared to the daily responsibilities of the average security company. As a Mississippi Cannabis business owner, you are responsible for providing a safe environment for your clients, employees, and products while on your property. When you hire a Mississippi contract security company, it is important to understand their professional background in high-risk security, their capabilities, and the skillset of the security officers deployed to protect your grow facility, refinery, or dispensary. In this article, we discuss a few metrics that a Cannabis business owner can use to measure a Mississippi security company.

Security Experience

A security company's experience in high-risk security operations is the first metric a Cannabis business owner should evaluate when considering which security provider should protect their Cannabis business.

Cannabis products are high-value, extremely regulated products with a very strong demand from the private market. It is important to have an experienced high-risk security provider to effectively protect your assets.

Do not be misled by potential security companies with terms like "physical security", "cash transport", "hard-target security", "force protection", or other descriptive terms which over promise and under deliver on past success. Dive into the details regarding their past security operations and ask questions on how they managed personnel turnover, budgetary constraints, natural disasters (e.g. hurricanes, floods), liability concerns, insurance questions, and much more.

The security experience described should build a picture of the quality of security officer that will eventually be deployed to protect your facility. Does the security company usually provide armed guards to empty parking lots? Or, does the security company consist of former special operations veterans who contracted as close protection and hard target security officers on U.S. Federal Contract for agencies like U.S. Department of State and the O.G.A.s? (e.g. 1st Veterans Security LLC) It is important to understand that every security company is different and you need the one that will serve you the best.

Security Experience at 1st Veterans Security LLC 1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier-1, full service, private security company which protects its clients with experienced security teams comprised of veterans of Naval Special Warfare, Special Operations, conventional units, and advanced law enforcement. ​ Due to its background in Naval Special Warfare and Private Military Contracting, 1st Veterans Security LLC has the unique ability to hire former U.S. Navy SEALs, MARSOC Raiders, SWCC, and other skilled veterans for executive protection assignments and special security operations. Our teams specialize in myriad of security services which include Cannabis security, executive protection, corporate security, personal protection, estate security, critical site protection, defense consulting, and much more. We aim to hire, train, and deploy as many honorable veterans as possible.

1st Veterans Security LLC Hires Veterans!
1st Veterans Security LLC Hires Veterans!

1st Veterans Security LLC - Security Operations Field Team

  • U.S. Navy SEALs veterans

  • U.S. Navy SWCC veterans

  • U.S. Special Forces (G.B.) veterans

  • U.S. 75th Ranger Regiment veterans

  • Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Law Enforcement veterans

Business Experience

The business experience of a security company is also a critical metric to measure when comparing security providers in Mississippi. Does the security company have a seasoned business team? Or, will the security provider underestimate costs, overestimate their capability, and be out of business before you finish the next quarter?

The last thing any Cannabis business owner needs is the distraction of having to evaluate security providers for a second time because the original company has gone out of business.

Unfortunately, security companies go out of business all of the time because they do NOT have a seasoned business team. The owner, usually operating on their own, will be eager to offer the lowest prices without considering expenses such as special cannabis security insurance policies, taxes, FICA, equipment, training, licenses, etc... Therefore, 1st Veterans Security LLC usually recommends security companies which have both seasoned business professionals and experienced security operators on the leadership team.

Business Experience at 1st Veterans Security LLC

1st Veterans Security LLC is built on 32+ years of experience in the low-profile, high-risk protection space and the special operations community. In addition, we also have 35+ years of experience in the corporate space on the civilian side of the business leadership team. Our leadership team is comprised of subject matter experts in their respective fields which directly translates as a value add to our clients. We understand corporate budgets as well as high-risk security because we have experts on the leadership team who have dedicated their lives to each.

Why choose 1st Veterans Security LLC?

  • Peace of Mind

  • Experience

  • Professionalism

  • Track Record

Security Officer Training Program

What type of training does the security officer who protects your Cannabis business have? Does that security officer have the required State licenses for armed security?

This is usually an overlooked or under asked question from clients searching for effective physical security services. However, it is critically important for a Cannabis business owner to understand the extent of training required by the security company.

In Mississippi, the Mississippi Department of Public Safety regulates the armed security license program. The current application for a Mississippi armed security guard license, at the date of this publication, does not require any firearms related training or course curriculum covering security protocols or liability issues. As a Cannabis business owner, you should inquire what type of training your security officer has completed.

To that end, security companies sometimes refer to their "in-house" training schools which supplement the State mandated training required for a license. 1st Veterans Security LLC recommends using a security company which firmly believes in the value of training their security officers. While profit margins to the security company will not be as large because of the cost of security training, a security company who invests in training their security officers will bring a direct value add to the client. Initial and continuing training is critical to maintaining a competent and safe security program.

Security Training at 1st Veterans Security LLC

1st Veterans Security LLC considers security training to be the foundation on which a successful security plan is built. That is why our security operators are required to have secured the minimum state standards prior to entering their application with 1st Veterans Security LLC. After the 1st Veterans Security LLC proprietary screening and selection phase, these security officers are sent to in-house training schools to evaluate their security/defense skillsets, SOPs, and knowledge. Our in-house schools are taught by leading subject matter experts with decades of experience in high-risk security and special warfare.

Example Training or "Spin-Up" for security officers at 1st Veterans Security LLC*

  • Medical / Psych Evaluation - Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory Exam (MMPI-2)

  • Review / Re-Test State Mandated Training for Security

  • Basic Security Officer School - 1st Veterans Security LLC

  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Handgun & Qualification

  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Shotgun & Qualification

  • Vehicle Defense

  • Hard Target Defense & Security Protocols

  • Access Control & Perimeter Defense & Security Protocols

  • Active Shooter Threat Identification Mitigation

  • Verbal De-escalation & Crisis Intervention

  • Ethics, Legal, & Liability

  • Basic First Aid

  • Advanced Trauma Aid / Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

*Each contract will have individual training packages created to respond to their specific security challenges.

Vehicle Defense Training at 1st Veterans Security
Vehicle Defense Training at 1st Veterans Security


1st Veterans Security LLC is the premier Cannabis security company providing Tier-1 security services in Mississippi. We believe in the benefits of Cannabis and have seen first hand the positive impact in the veteran community.

1st Veterans Security LLC will keep your Cannabis business operations safe.

If you have questions regarding Mississippi Cannabis security services, 1st Veterans Security LLC is happy to assist and will work with your company until you find a solution that fits.

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