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Concert Security

Special Event Security

Find out how we can assist you with professional event security services for your festival, concert, or wedding.  1st Veterans Security LLC has the personnel to keep your artist, attendants, and staff protected.  

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Better Business Bureau Accredited

What Is Special Event Security Services?

At 1st Veterans LLC, we provide event security services to meet the security needs for whatever venue or event needs protection. From concert halls and farmers' markets to art shows and more, we'll provide your event with all the benefits that come with hiring event security. In addition, we manage crowd control and ensure that everyone attending feels safe, allowing customers and guests to enjoy the event without worry. Event protection might even be required depending on the size of your event and where you're located.

No matter why you call, we're there to answer and to provide peace of mind to you and your event’s attendees. 


Special event security can also range from small private events such as weddings, small-town festivals, and exclusive parties to major high capacity events such as concerts, large music festivals, and political events.  Regardless of the event size, security should be an integral part of the design and organization process.  It is the fiduciary responsibility of the event organizer to make every effort to ensure their patrons and guests are safe while at the event.

1st Veterans Security LLC provides special event security services for all types and sizes of events.  Our event team listens to the Client, designs a specialized security plan focused on safety, and implements the security plan with our licensed and trained uniformed security officers. 

If you are planning a wedding, political event, fundraiser, concert, or other type of event in which you are thinking about security, call our team for a free security consultation today!  We are eager to discuss the event security options available at 1st Veterans Security LLC. 

If you need security for your next event, contact us for a Free Security Consultation.

What Makes Us the Best

  1. We hire trusted veterans from Special Operations.

  2. We screen, train, test, and evaluate our security officers. 

  3. We provide the best event security available.

We Hire Veterans Security
White Wedding Altar

Whether you are looking for a uniformed security officer, a low-profile security presence, or reassurance that your guests will be taken care of at your next big event, 1st Veterans Security LLC is here to protect you.

Contact our team for a free consultation today.

Personal Event Protection

"Boutique Security Services"

1st Veterans Security LLC is a "boutique" security services firm which means we are completely customizable to the Client's security needs.  While the security team is large enough to handle serious Clients with large capacity concerts or political events, 1st Veterans Security LLC remains steadfastly available to the smallest client with the smallest event such as an intimate wedding or birthday party.  

Steps to Secure Event Security Services

  1. Contact Us for a Free Consultation

  2. Complete Risk Assessment

  3. Review the Security Plan & Event Security Contract

  4. Sign Event Security Contract

  5. Enjoy your event and don't worry about the safety of your guests! 

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Better Business Bureau Accredited

Experienced Security Officers to Keep Your Team and Guests Safe, Happy, & Productive

Music Tour Security

Our Security Teams Go On Tour With You!

If you are planning a Multi-City Event or Music Tour, 1st Veterans Security LLC will assign a Personal Protection Officer (PPO) to travel with you and will deploy a larger security team at the concert location! 

1st Veterans Security LLC is already licensed in several states and is constantly growing its area of operations.  We aim to provide continuous licensed and insured private security services throughout the United States for our Clients.  You will not waste time arranging inconsistent security at each venue, the 1st Veterans Security LLC team will coordinate the security plan and protect your team and guests at the venue.

Contact our team for a free consultation today.

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Special Event Security Services

Event Security Officers

Event Security Services Overview

  • Access control and ticket checks

  • Bag search

  • Compliance

  • Crowd control

  • Deterrence of illegal activities and loitering

  • Emergency services

  • Metal detector monitoring

  • Mobile command center

  • Occupancy management

  • On-site security guards and patrols

  • Threat assessment

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