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Forrest Hise Earns ASIS Board Certification as Certified Protection Professional (CPP)

In a significant milestone that underscores our commitment to excellence and professional development, we are thrilled to congratulate Forrest Hise, the Managing Senior Partner and Director of Business Development at 1st Veterans Security LLC, on achieving the esteemed designation of Certified Protection Professional (CPP) from ASIS International.

The CPP certification is widely recognized as the gold standard in the security industry, symbolizing mastery of essential security management principles and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Forrest's dedication to pursuing this prestigious credential reflects his unwavering passion for advancing the field of security and enhancing our capabilities as a leading security provider.

At 1st Veterans Security LLC, we take immense pride in our team's expertise and commitment to excellence. Forrest's attainment of the CPP certification not only validates his extensive knowledge and experience but also underscores our firm's dedication to delivering unparalleled service and value to our clients.

The addition of a CPP-certified professional of Forrest's caliber further strengthens our ability to provide holistic risk management solutions tailored to the unique needs of each client. Forrest's comprehensive understanding of security management principles, coupled with his strategic insight and leadership acumen, enhances our capacity to address complex security challenges and deliver innovative solutions that mitigate risks and safeguard assets.

For our clients, Forrest's achievement as a CPP brings tangible benefits and added assurance. By entrusting their security needs to 1st Veterans Security LLC, clients gain access to a team led by a seasoned professional with a proven track record of excellence and a deep understanding of best practices in security management.

The CPP certification signifies more than just a credential—it represents a commitment to ongoing professional development and a dedication to staying abreast of emerging trends, technologies, and threats in the security landscape. Forrest's pursuit of this certification underscores our firm's unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of competency, professionalism, and ethical conduct in everything we do.

As we celebrate Forrest's achievement, we reaffirm our pledge to our clients: to provide unparalleled expertise, unwavering dedication, and innovative solutions that exceed expectations and deliver peace of mind.


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