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1st Veterans Security LLC

1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier 1, full service, private security company which protects its clients with experienced security teams comprised of veterans from Special Operations, conventional units, and advanced law enforcement. 

The true value a Client gets after contracting 1st Veterans Security LLC for protection or security services is the experienced and very trained security teams we deploy to the field.  These security officers are screened, trained, and tested by the Special Operations veterans (e.g. Instructor Cadre) at 1st Veterans Security LLC.  Selection, training, and continuing education all takes place at our training facility in Picayune, Mississippi. 

Mississippi Combat Training Academy (MCTA) provides a safe training environment to learn and practice the required defensive skill sets for security operations.  It is here that our security officers will practice hard target security protocols, executive protection operations, and advanced firearms training.

Classes Taught to 1st Veterans Security Officers:

  • Initial Armed Security Guard

  • Advanced Armed Security Guard

  • Vehicle Defense

  • Hard Target Defense

  • Executive Protection Basic

  • Executive Protection Advanced

  • Continuing Education

  • High-Risk Security Operations

Mississippi Combat Training Academy
Gunfighter Training
Night Fighter
Pistol Training
Carbine / AK / Shotgun Training



M.C.T.A. was founded in 2013 by its director, Michael Honkala, to be the shooter's choice for training and plinking. Through years of hard work and fighting with insurance companies and red tape, the MCTA facility was born. Located in the Stennis Space Center buffer zone in southern Mississippi, Mike built a 300, 200 and 100 yard rifle ranges, four 25 yard pistol ranges and one 50 yard training range on 14 acres of privately owned land. This facility coupled with 153 years of combined experience from our staff makes M.C.T.A. the premier shooting facility in the local area. M.C.T.A. is SHOOTING EVOLVED! 

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