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About Us
Special Operations Veterans & Private Industry Experts

1st Veterans Security LLC is a private security company founded by a team of U.S. special operations veterans and private industry business leaders.  We are a single source solution for our clients when it comes to professional or special mission capable security services.

When "real-world" threats are actionable or professional low-profile security is required, our clients only call 1st Veterans Security LLC.  Corporations, C-Suites, High-Net-Worth Individuals, Family Offices, and Critical Infrastructure Managers all trust the reliable and tested security services of 1st Veterans Security LLC. 

Management Team

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Partner, Director of Operations

U.S. Naval Special Warfare Veteran

U.S. Federal Contractor

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Partner, Director of Finance

Our Experience


1st Veterans Security LLC is comprised of a wide range of U.S. Special Operations veterans and U.S. Federal Contractors who can protect effectively from any threat.  It is our uniquely qualified field personnel with centuries of combined experience in high-risk protection operations which gives 1st Veterans Security LLC the winning edge in low-profile security operations.

Why is prior security experience important when hiring a security company?  


Experience and training are essential metrics in the security services industry which separate the novice from the professional.  Too often, security companies advertise security services which exceed their capabilities.  


At 1st Veterans Security LLC, we value the experience of the security officer and hire as many honorable veterans as possible because of their skill set, career, and background.  Even though these candidates are well trained at the point of application, our Director of Operations requires all security officers to screen and train in advanced in-house security schools to further evaluate the security officer candidate prior to hiring. 

1st Veterans Security LLC strongly adheres to a strict, mandatory continual training program for all security personnel to remain vigilant and up to date on relevant protection skillsets.  We provide the highest quality security officers available who can respond to a variety of threat-profiles because of this rigorous training ethos at the company.  

Minimizing Liability to the Client

Today's litigious world is filled with liability for even the smallest business action.  In the security space, it is the responsibility of the security firm to protect the client from physical threats and legal risks.  It is these everchanging legal risks that could hurt the client just as much as a physical attacker.

1st Veterans Security LLC understands that liability is a major concern.  We are committed to protecting our clients from all threats, both physical and legal.  Our management team, program supervisors, and all security officers are educated and trained in understanding use of force, liability, and legal risks prior to deploying to the field.  

We minimize liability through:

  1. Maintaining special security company specific insurance.

  2. Maintaining the required security company and guard security licenses.

  3. Continuously educating and training our personnel on the applicable laws and legal risks often seen in court cases or civil suits pertaining to security. 


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