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Security Guard

Security Services

Learn more about how we can assist you with professional risk management and dedicated security services designed to protect individuals, organizations, and corporations.  Our uniform security division differs from competitors in quality and experience of personnel deployed to the field.  If you are looking for a professional security element to protect you, contact to learn more.  

Dedicated Security Services

When it comes to security, you shouldn't settle for anything less than the best.  1st Veterans Security LLC offers a winning combination of experience, professionalism, and training that sets us apart in the security industry.  By choosing 1st Veterans Security LLC, you're not just hiring security guards; you're investing in peace of mind and a higher level of security that your business or property deserves.

Dedicated Security Services are "standard" services which provide a consistent security presence at your property or facility.

1st Veterans Security

Experienced Security Officers

One of the foremost reasons to entrust your security needs to 1st Veterans Security LLC is our wealth of experience.  Our team comprises of veterans who have served in some of the most challenging and demanding security environments that exist on the planet.  This experience equips us with the practical knowledge and insight to handle a wide range of security scenarios, from corporate settings to special events.

Professionals in Security

Professionalism is at the core of 1st Veterans Security LLC's ethos.  When you hire our security guards, you're not just getting individuals with security expertise; you're getting professionals who understand the importance of discretion, courtesy, and adaptability.  Whether it's greeting guests at an upscale event or maintaining a low profile in a corporate environment, our guards exude professionalism at every turn.

Core Principles

Integrity  -  Accountability  -  Discipline  -  Teamwork

Advanced Security Training

Effective security is built on a foundation of rigorous training, and 1st Veterans Security LLC excels in this area.  Our security personnel undergo comprehensive training programs that cover everything from conflict resolution to emergency procedures.  This training ensures that we are always prepared to handle any situation with poise and confidence.

We share a common bond because we’ve dedicated our lives to providing others with a sense of security and better peace of mind.  So no matter where you need us or why, we’ll be there to control access, prevent unauthorized activity, prevent theft, fire, and more, all to protect what matters most to you.

We provide dedicated security services customized for Client's security needs and physical safety concerns.  

  • Professional, Positive, Customer Service Trained

  • Access Control and Facility Checks

  • Highly Visible Vehicle Patrols

  • 24/7 Access to Security Dedicated to You

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Dedicated Security Services

Standard Security Services​​

Uniformed armed security guards

Armed courier (e.g. Secure transportation)

Physical security

Fixed and roving patrols

Executive protection officers (EP)

Corporate security

Travel Risk Management

Event security

Risk assessment & security plan (RASP) consult site visits

VIP protection

Escort services

Mobile security

Internal roving patrols

Quick reaction forces

Random antiterrorism measures

Access control and entry control points

Vehicle inspection

X-ray machine and magnetometer screening

Close circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring

Visitor processing

Personnel and vehicle screening/badging

Security screening and detection

Corporate Security Services

Travel risk management

Family office security

Healthcare security officers

Industrial and critical infrastructure security

Secure transportation operations

School security officers


Advanced Security Services

Disaster security services and evacuation 

Maritime security operations 

Security Services & Critical Site Protection

Family Offices
Government Contracts
Critical Infrastructure
Industrial Refinery (HSSE)
Finance Industry

Industries Served

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