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Disaster Security Teams & Non-Permissive Environment Evacuation Experts

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Natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and un-planned crisis events are unfortunately occurring at an increasing rate throughout the world.  1st Veterans Security LLC has a professional Emergency Crisis Management Team (ECMT) to assist clients and their businesses with emergency preparation, continuity of business planning, and response.  The ECMT group works in conjunction with our Disaster Security Team (DST) to ensure our clients and their businesses are safely evacuated from the disaster zone and that their assets are effectively protected until the recovery phase is complete.​

The ECMT group focuses on preparing clients for a disaster by designing a single source solution which entails emergency procedures, training, and equipment check for disaster scenarios.  Having a comprehensive plan in place prior to the disaster occurring saves lives, reduces stress, eliminates costs overrun, and provides continuity of business.   

The DST group at 1st Veterans Security LLC are veteran security operators with real-world experience in disaster security and client evacuation.  Our operators work off our own internal supply logistics and communication spectrums which link to a 24/7 command and control center. 


We assist and support our clients with the following disaster related services:

  • Evacuations

  • Disaster Security Services 

  • Field Medical Care

  • Logistics

  • Rescue / Recovery

  • Emergency Management Services

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