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Michael Honkala
Senior Partner, Director of Operations
U.S. Federal Contractor, U.S. Naval Special Warfare Veteran

US Navy
Michael Honkala

Michael Honkala is a seasoned professional with a distinguished 32-year combined career in Naval Special Warfare (SWCC), U.S. Federal Security Contracts, and private corporate security in hostile environments.  As the leader overseeing all field operations at 1st Veterans Security LLC, Mike's extensive background uniquely positions him to manage an elite security guard element with special mission capabilities, ensuring the production of top-tier security personnel for clients.  Michael's leadership and expertise not only reinforce the company's commitment to excellence but also ensure the proficiency of its security officers in meeting the unique challenges of high-risk environments.  His strategic approach and wealth of experience make him a valuable asset in shaping the success and reputation of 1st Veterans Security LLC.

Having joined the United States Navy at the age of 17, Mike's journey began with volunteering as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) assistant.  His first overseas tour of duty in Asia exposed him to high-threat environments, laying the foundation for his resilience and adaptability.  Subsequently, Mike excelled as a Special Warfare Combatant Craft (SWCC) team member, specializing in coastal and riverine warfare operations, and continued to deploy to various high-threat environments while training host nation troops in maritime operations.

Upon his honorable retirement from active duty in 2006, Mike's expertise and leadership were recognized by classified government organizations, leading to his selection for U.S. Federal Contract security services. Over the following 12 years, he served in various leadership roles in classified overseas locations, establishing himself as a subject matter expert in security, executive protection, and actionable threat security.

Mike's proven track record and wealth of experience make him an invaluable asset to 1st Veterans Security LLC. His leadership ensures the delivery of the finest quality guards, reflecting the organization's commitment to excellence in the private and public security domain.

Military & Federal Contract Background

12 Years                                 U.S. Federal Contractor

                                               Security Specialist - Mobile Executive Protection

                                               SOC-USA & Multiple U.S. Classified Contracts

20 Years                                 United States Navy (USN) 

                                               Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD)

                                               Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman (NSW - SWCC)

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