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Event Security: Hiring Competent, Professional Security for Your Special Night, Fundraiser, or Gala.

Hiring competent event security is an affordable value add to any party, wedding, political event, team building exercise, or fundraiser. 1st Veterans Security LLC has a number of options available to respond effectively to a security risk and still adhere to an event budget.

Hiring competent, professional security, like 1st Veterans Security LLC, will minimize costs associated with securing an event because we do "more with less." The high quality security officers we employ are passionate about your protection and are more effective in the field compared to our competitors. Where others may use 9 "security guards", 1st Veterans Security LLC will secure the same space with fewer, higher trained "security officers."

Events which benefit from security:
  • Fundraisers

  • Galas

  • Political Events

  • Weddings

  • Large Parties

  • Board Meetings

  • Large Events

Why does my event need security?

Having an effective security plan in place at your event is only prudent for the host and their guests. In addition, your guests, investors, or voters will appreciate your forethought in their safety. Our event security can provide many services to make the night special, safe, and protected. Don't take on the liability and risk yourself, evaluate adding 1st Veterans Security LLC to your event!

  1. Access Control

    1. A polite security officer checking invitations or tickets at the entrance can keep uninvited guests from entering and a visual deterrence against unruly behavior.

  2. Perimeter Security

    1. While everyone is inside at the event, our security officers are on watch outside the venue keeping everyone safe. This can include a visual presence in parking lots or side streets to keep guests feeling safe as they walk to their vehicles.

  3. Executive Protection

    1. Executive Protection (EP) security operations is a niche industry within the security space. It requires a professional security officer trained and experienced in close protection and low profile movements. The EP security officers at 1st Veterans Security LLC are the best in the private market. Many of them were trained and experienced on low profile, high risk executive protection operations overseas.

  4. Video Surveillance

    1. Our security officers can keep a bird's eye view with our in-house drones and camera systems. In addition, we can set up a field command site in the security office where established monitors are already in play.

  5. Vehicle Patrol

    1. Our patrol vehicles provide a visual deterrence against criminal activity.


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