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Industrial & Refinery HSSE Security Teams

1st Veterans Security LLC provides HSSE security teams to protect industrial and refinery assets. We understand the importance of high-value asset protection and workplace safety.

Industrial / Refinery HSSE Security
Industrial / Refinery HSSE Security

1st Veterans Security LLC is ready to protect your industrial or refinery assets with its hand selected, trained HSSE security teams. Our security elements have seasoned veteran backgrounds in hard target security, understand the importance of work safety, and provide numerous value adds to the client when protecting their asset. 1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier-1, full service, private security company which protects its clients with experienced security teams comprised of veterans of naval special warfare, special operations, conventional units, and advanced law enforcement. Our team of naval special warfare veterans works together with clients to find effective security solutions designed for their businesses and lifestyle. Our teams specialize in industrial HSSE security, executive protection, corporate security, personal protection, estate security, critical site protection, defense consulting, and much more. We aim to hire, train, and deploy as many honorable veterans as possible.


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