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Pre/Post Disaster Security Operations

Disaster Preparedness Series: Professional Contract Security in a Disaster Zone

It is Summer again and Hurricane season is upon us in the Gulf Coast. Does your company, business, or neighborhood have pre-arranged contracts with a professional security firm? Other clients do!

What happens when the weather channel announces that a hurricane is entering the Gulf of Mexico and the cone of uncertainty is aimed at your neighborhood or your business' area of operation? Do you have a security plan in place or security company you can call? - 1st Veterans Security LLC will answer your call and is available to you!

Call 1st Veterans Security LLC today to determine what resources are available to you or your company during times of disaster! Office Phone: 337-235-0590

"Bring Peace & Safety to a World of Chaos!"

1st Veterans Security LLC - Disaster Services

Call Before the Storm!

When the storm hits, it is too late to think about hiring competent, professional security. Instead, call our team today to discuss security options available to you and to your business. Our professional security officers are highly trained, experienced, licensed, and insured to protect you and your assets until the weather is calm again.

Level 4 Security Officers

At 1st Veterans Security, our Level 4 security officers are deployed during natural disasters. These security officers are the most experienced and highest trained with many having careers in special operations. These operators are self sufficient, professional, and polite security officers who have the skillset, knowledge, and training to be safe and to keep you and your team safe.

When Level 4 security officers from 1st Veterans Security LLC are protecting your patients, staff, and facility during a disaster, your business will be secure. Our officers understand the importance of a low profile security operation to maintain business operations, peace, and stability. As an executive, you will be able to monitor your business and its security from a secure off-site facility or at your evacuation point.
  1. Client-Focused

  2. Professional

  3. Licensed, Trained, and Insured

  4. 5-10 Year High Risk Security Experience Pre-Requisite

  5. Vigilant and Disciplined

  6. Highest Level of Physical Fitness Standard

  7. SOF / NSW / PMC Training Background


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