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Pre/Post Disaster Security: Choosing The Right Team

Choosing the right security company and security officers in times of disaster

What type of security company did you contract?

Many customers or clients find security companies via internet search. However, this method does not always result in the best security officer protecting you or your business.

Given a disaster, you want the most experienced, level headed, and professional security officer on call protecting you, your family, your employees, your patients, or your business. Don't hire a security firm without first conducting a basic company background check.

Conducting a basic company background check:
  • Is the security company licensed, insured, and experienced?

  • Are the security officers licensed, insured, and experienced?

  • Is the security company a competent provider of security officers?

  • Do they provide adequate logistics during operations? (communications, resupply, relief officers, etc...)

  • What is the required training for security officers?

  • Are the security officers experienced in disaster zones?

We have disaster operations and professional security officers to help you and your business! 1st Veterans Security LLC has developed our in-house Level 4 Security Officer teams which responds during times of crisis or disaster.

With the changing World and more frequent natural disasters, the market required a Tier 1 security element with special operations capability. Our level 4 "special operations security officers" are a Tier 1 security element which is comprised of the most experienced and vetted security professionals in the security space. This team is usually reserved for Federal contracts, post disaster security or rescue operations, war time humanitarian operations, or the most severe high risk security. Our level 4 security officer are accompanied by a full command and control wing which is led by subject matter experts in risk mitigation and field operations. Many security officers at this level have their Top Secret Clearance and past careers in U.S. special operations, U.S. naval special warfare, and advanced SWAT careers.


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