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Raising the Bar in Security: Pressed Uniform Standard & Personal Accountability

Our "Raising the Bar" series is meant to communicate all of the actionable things 1st Veterans Security LLC is doing to redefine the security industry.

Pressed Uniform Standard - Private Security
Pressed Uniform Standard - 1st Veterans Security
1st Veterans Security LLC is a security company founded in discipline, professionalism, and personal accountability. These values, and our corporate values, are strictly followed throughout the entire company. As a result, all field personnel, security guards, security officers, and office administrators are expected to follow a strict "Pressed Uniform Standard" and maintain personal accountability at all times.

Why a Pressed Uniform Standard?

1st Veterans Security LLC is focused on redefining the private security guard space from the negative stereotype seen on television to the Tier 1 security element that 1st Veterans Security LLC officers embody everyday. We emphasize personal accountability because positive change starts with our security officers on the ground.
Professional Private Security - 1st Veterans Security
Professional Private Security

Personal Accountability at 1st Veterans Security

At 1st Veterans Security, LLC, we demand our security officers demonstrate their professionalism as security experts on a daily basis. This may include random firearm qualification exams, drug screening, or uniform/vehicle inspections. If the security officer fails, then they are sent to our in-house professional review board. As a security officer at 1st Veterans Security, LLC you are expected to understand and implement personal accountability on and off the job.

Our clients demand the best and we are proud to offer elite security officers and security guards in the private security industry. However, this elite, professional, private security service starts with our security officers and their commitment to excellence through personal accountability. We work as a team to "raise the bar" and hold ourselves accountable individually.

When you are hiring a private security company, it is important to ask what their beliefs are regarding discipline and professionalism. 1st Veterans Security LLC is committed to changing the security industry through improving the quality and professionalism of the security guards or security officers available. Call us today to see how we can help you protect or secure your interests or business.


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