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1st Veterans Security LLC - Mississippi Security Officers

Who Are We? What is Professional Security?

1st Veterans Security LLC is a client focused Mississippi security company with the ongoing mission to employ qualified U.S. veterans that believe in our corporate core values and to positively change the private security image.

Core Values:

  1. Client Focused

  2. Attention to Detail

  3. Integrity

  4. Vigilant

Security officers at 1st Veterans Security LLC are screened, trained, licensed, and insured security professionals who will protect you and your business effectively.

Our U.S. veteran community is filled with men and women who have worked hard to earn the skillsets and work ethic required to be an effective security officer at 1st Veterans Security LLC. We believe in employing as many of these qualified veterans as possible to provide security to our community.

A Higher Standard - Raising the Bar in Security

Part of our goal at 1st Veterans Security LLC is to change the industry standard of security by "raising the bar".

How do you raise the bar?

  1. Strict Internal Training Requirements

    1. Internal Qualification Exam Which Far Exceeds State Requirements

    2. Quarterly In-Service Training (e.g. Failure to qualify or attend results in immediate dismissal)

    3. Monthly Verbal & Alternative De-Escalation Training

  2. 3-5 Year Security Related Industry Experience Prior to Applying

  3. Pressed Uniform Standard

Call Us Today to Find Out More!

We are always looking to make new connections. If you need competent, professional, licensed, and insured security officers, we are the team you want to connect with!


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