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Travel Risk Management

Secure travel is paramount when Principals need to move from place to place.  Our highly trained, low-profile security personnel assist in their transportation requirements and specialize in covert security operations.  The Principals we move throughout our area of operation enjoy the benefits of secure travel without having a heavy security presence.  Find out how we can assist you with travel risk management.  


Secure Travel Services

Traveling in an unpredictable world can bring Clients face to face with unfamiliar situations, criminal acts of violence, or just higher risk events outside of their comfort zone.  Vehicular accidents, unexpected medical emergencies, natural disasters, criminal activity, terrorism, social unrest, and so much more can adversely effect the security of travelers that do not have a dedicated travel risk management firm.  

Covert Executive Protection

A covert executive protection (EP) agent acts as an unseen shield, offering discreet yet highly effective security for individuals or employees.  By blending seamlessly into the traveler's environment, covert EP ensures a low-profile presence while maintaining a vigilant defense against potential threats, providing an added layer of assurance during their journeys

Pre-Travel Security Briefings

An invaluable tool in our travel risk management arsenal, intelligence briefs provide meticulous insights into potential risks and challenges at destinations. By leveraging this comprehensive analysis, we empower travelers with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, ensuring a safer and more secure journey from the outset.


24/7 GSOC

A dedicated 24/7 Global Security Operations Center (GSOC) is the cornerstone of effective travel risk management, offering continuous monitoring and immediate response capabilities for potential threats worldwide. By maintaining constant vigilance, the GSOC ensures rapid identification and response to emerging risks, providing travelers with real-time support.

Disaster Security & Evacuation

Ensures a swift and organized response in crisis situations, allowing for the safe and efficient extraction of individuals from high-risk locations. By having a specialized evacuation team on standby, organizations can provide a crucial lifeline, ensuring the well-being of their personnel in the face of unexpected emergencies or threats during travel.

What Are Secure Travel Services?

Secure travel services refer to the comprehensive travel risk management and private security solutions customized for the private and corporate sectors. These services can include secure transportation, low-profile executive protection, intelligence reports, contingency planning, evacuation support, and much more.


It can be challenging to travel in today's uncertain environment. From direct threats against the Client to unexpected accidents, keeping your business or family safe is our top priority.  1st Veterans Security LLC helps our Clients travel safely so they can focus on business, vacation, or fun.  Leave it to our team to mitigate the risk.

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