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Armed Courier Services

by Special Operations Veterans

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Special Operations Veterans You Can Trust to Transport Your Most Valuable Assets

Discrete Armed Courier Services at 1st Veterans Security LLC are no different then the traditional armed courier services you see driving around the city in large armored trucks, with some major exceptions though - discretion & experience


We’ll provide you with all the protection of traditional armed courier services without the danger associated with high visibility by ensuring our officers are discreet and covert. We do this by using unmarked vehicles and wearing civilian clothing to blend in with the surrounding environment. We understand that discretion is integral to your sense of security and the overall safety of your delivery. Don't put your assets, important documents, or other valuables in just anyone's hands. With 1st Veterans LLC's armed courier services, you can rest easy knowing that our highly experienced and trained officers are dedicated to every mission and will handle all your security needs with care. 

Compared to our nearest competitor, our armed couriers have decades of prior experience in low-profile, high-risk special operations around the world.  As a result, 1st Veterans Security LLC conducts armed courier services with the same low-profile, high-risk standard operating procedures used for secure transport for valuable assets overseas.  Simply put, if you were to look at a city street while a secure transportation operation was ongoing, you would not notice the 1st Veterans Security LLC team as they drove down the road in front of you. 

To inquire about armed courier services by 1st Veterans Security LLC contact our team.

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