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Are you Protected Effectively by your Security Officer?

Training in the defense space is critical to mitigating security threats to the client and eliminating liability for everyone. However, it is the most overlooked and often underfunded line item of any security budget at a "normal" security firm. Beware the un-trained security officer.

The standard industry benchmark for required security officer training can be as little as 0 to 40 hours depending on specific State requirements. In addition, there are usually no additional requirements after initial training is complete for subsequent advanced training or continuing education training for security officers.

Who is protecting you and your business? What are they licensed and trained to do?

1st Veterans Security LLC considers security training to be the foundation on which a successful security plan is built. That is why our security operators are required to have secured the minimum state standards prior to entering their application with 1st Veterans Security LLC. After screening and selection phase, these security officers are sent to in-house training schools to evaluate their security/defense skillsets, SOPs, and knowledge.

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Required Advanced Defense Training - 1st Veterans Security LLC
Required Advanced Defense Training - 1st Veterans Security LLC
Lack of competent, initial training and lack of regular, continued training builds ineffective security officers and exposes the client or business to risk and liability. Training is paramount to an effective security program.

-Leadership Team, 1st Veterans Security LLC

Why is Security Training so Important?

When a threat materializes (e.g. Category 5 Hurricane, Disaster, Earthquake, Flood, Civil Unrest, Critical Incident, etc...), a security officer cannot quickly obtain advanced training and then deploy to the field. Rather, the security officer must train continuously throughout the year for various potential scenarios to be ready for the unpredictable future.

Field training at 1st Veterans Security LLC is designed and taught by our instructor cadre of special warfare veterans and law enforcement veterans. The coursework is designed to educate 1st Veterans Security LLC officers on a myriad of essential security and defense related subjects. Our instructors take "lessons learned overseas and apply them to protect you!"

After successfully passing our initial security training for a contract, our security officers are required to complete monthly continuing education training events where they are re-evaluated and re-tested on proficiency and performance on demand. Below, is an example of a training spin up for a client who required 24/7 security for a hard asset.

Advanced Vehicle Defense Training - 1st Veterans Security LLC
Advanced Vehicle Defense Training - 1st Veterans Security LLC

1st Veterans Security LLC Training Cycle for Contract

Example Training "Spin-Up" at 1st Veterans Security LLC prior to contract*

  • Medical / Psych Evaluation - Minnesota Multi-Phasic Personality Inventory Exam (MMPI-2)

  • Review / Re-Test State Mandated Training for Security

  • Basic Security Officer School - 1st Veterans Security LLC

  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Handgun & Qualification

  • Basic, Intermediate, Advanced Shotgun & Qualification

  • Vehicle Defense

  • Hard Target Defense & Security Protocols

  • Access Control & Perimeter Defense & Security Protocols

  • Active Shooter Threat Identification Mitigation

  • Verbal De-escalation & Crisis Intervention

  • Ethics, Legal, & Liability

  • Basic First Aid

  • Advanced Trauma Aid / Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)

*Each contract will have individual training packages created to respond to their specific security challenges.

Nearest Competitor Security Company Training

Nearest Competitor Training Curriculum

  • State Mandated Training for Security

  • Annual Qualification for State Testing*

*annual qualification is not always mandated!

Why Is 1st Veterans Security LLC Training So Difficult?

Training is another, unique way to screen and evaluate security officers for professionalism prior to field deployment. Traditional methods of evaluation typically include interviews, psych evaluations, and classroom training. 1st Veterans Security LLC conducts all of these pre-employment screening techniques, however, we want to understand what our security teams will do when pressure is applied. Saying you are

an effective security officer in an interview is one thing; proving you are a professional in the field during dynamic training is another.

How can 1st Veterans Security LLC Train Security Officers so Well?

1st Veterans Security LLC produces high-quality, professional security officers because of the well trained instructor cadre which lead the initial security training schools and continuing monthly required defense training classes. Our instructors come from careers in Naval Special Warfare, Special Operations, PMC, and advanced law enforcement and have successful careers in high-risk, low profile security.

1st Veterans Security LLC security officers, which are also veterans from these same organizations, are already trained to a high standard and then are tested to the 1st Veterans Security LLC standard.


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