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1st Veterans Security Security Services

Professional Private Security Services

Better Business Bureau Accredited
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1st Veterans Security Security Services

No matter what your security needs are, we can meet them. Whether you need small event security at a wedding venue, more extensive protection for town events, or discreet, private security services for an important figure, 1st Veterans Security LLC gets the job done.


All of the personal protection officers we hire are required to have professional security experience; some members have been seasoned law enforcement officers while others have spent decades in US Special Operations. What they all have in common is their unmatched dedication to providing protection and security in every single mission and for every single client. Your sense of security is no joke, and here, it's the thing we care about the most. 

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1st Veterans Security Security Services

1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier-1, full service, private and professional security company founded by a team of U.S. Special Operations veterans and private industry business leaders.  Our team brings decades of experience in the close protection space and the business space.  Our purpose is to provide professional, reliable, and trained security services to business owners, hospitals, facilities, and private Clients in our areas of operation.

We Make Private Security Simple & Easy

We only hire the best when it comes to 1st Veterans Security LLC personnel.  Our instructor cadre are Special Operations veterans who interview, screen, evaluate, train, and test security officer candidates regularly.  Our internal standards far exceed the state regulatory "minimum requirements" and are equivalent to those seen on U.S. Federal Contracts for overseas U.S. Government protection details.  We hold this high standard because we want to provide our Clients with the same level of professional security and also because many of our security officers have served in this capacity.

We Hire Veterans Security
Better Business Bureau Accredited
Security Services
Mobile Security Patrol
Personal Protection Officer
Discrete Armed Courier
Special Event Security
High-Risk Security Services
Disaster Security Hurricane Security
Tactical Training Government Contracts

Contact Our Team for a Free Security Consultation to Learn Which Security Service Best Protects You!

Better Business Bureau 1st Veterans Security LLC
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1st Veterans Security LLC believes its main competitive advantage and the best protection for the Client is a well screened, very trained, professional Guard Force.  That is why our field leadership team of Special Operations veterans devotes a significant amount of time, effort, and capital in interviewing, screening, training, and selecting our security officers.  If your guard is wearing a 1st Veterans Security LLC patch on their sleeve, you can be assured they are a true security professional. 

Phase1: Hiring Selection & Screening

  1. In-Depth Professional Interview 

  2. 7-Panel Drug Screen

  3. Psych Evaluation (MMPI-2)

  4. Background Check

Phase2: Training & Qualification

  1. State Mandated Armed Security Training

  2. Basic 1st Vet Sec Security Guard Training & Internal Standards

  3. Advanced 1st Vet Sec Security Guard Training & Final Evaluation

  4. Professional & Business Communication Techniques

  5. Crisis-Prevention & Intervention Training (Verbal De-Escalation)

  6. CPR / AED Training

  7. Trauma Aid Training

  8. Advanced Weapons Training & Qualification

  9. Patrol Vehicle Defense

1st Veterans Security LLC
1st Veterans Security Security Services

1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier 1, full service, private security company which protects its clients with experienced security teams comprised of veterans from Special Operations, conventional units, and advanced law enforcement.  Our security team of Special Operations veterans works together with clients to find effective security solutions designed specifically for their businesses and lifestyle.

We Provide a Personalized Solution for All of Your Security Needs

Due to its background, 1st Veterans Security LLC has the unique ability to hire former special operations veterans and other skilled operators for executive protection assignments and special security operations.  Our teams specialize in a myriad of security services which include private armed security guardsmobile security patrol, executive protection, corporate security, personal protection (e.g. "Bodyguard"), estate security, critical site protection, defense consulting, discrete armed courier, and much more.  We aim to hire, train, and deploy as many honorable veterans as possible.  

We Hire Veterans Security
Better Business Bureau Accredited
Professional Private Security

Whether you are looking for a full-time Personal Protection Officer (e.g. "Bodyguard"), part-time security patrol, event security, or a private security service,1st Veterans Security LLC is here to protect you with our security professionals.

Contact our team for a free consultation today.

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