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Hotel Security Patrol: Vehicle Patrol, Event Security, Nighttime Security at Hotels, Motels, & Inns

1st Veterans Security LLC offers a variety of dedicated security services for our hotel, motel, and inn partners!

1st Veterans Security LLC - Hotel Security Patrol
1st Veterans Security LLC - Hotel Security Patrol

Hotel Security - A Necessity in 2022

Private security is becoming a necessity as business owners face rising crime trends across the United States in 2022. No business owner wants to see yellow crime scene tape stretched across their parking lot, property, or business after criminals have targeted the area and made your guests victims of local crime.

"Residential burglaries (+6%), nonresidential burglaries (+8%), larcenies (+20%), and motor vehicle thefts (+15%) all increased in the first half of 2022 compared to the first six months of 2021." - Source Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ)
1st Veterans Security - Hotel Security
Crime Scene Tape Kills Business

Crime Scene Tape Kills Businesses

Will your business survive if guests feel unsafe leaving their vehicles in your parking lot? Customer review sites, like YELP and Expedia, use previous guest experiences to rank and rate hotels compared to the competition in the area. If your business is targeted by a criminal element, it could have lasting effects for years to come. Having dedicated security services in place, like 1st Veterans Security LLC, can be advertised to guests as an emotional assurance that the parking lot and facility is patrolled regularly by professional and licensed private security.

Don't wait for crime to strike your guests! Contact 1st Veterans Security LLC today to learn more about our effective and affordable hotel, motel, inn security patrols. - 1st Veterans Security LLC

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Solution: Security Patrols for Hotel, Motel, Inn Business Owners

Business owners of hotels, motels, and inns have been searching for an affordable security solution to protect property, guests, and their hard earned safety reputation.

Our security Patrols are effective at preventing crime on property, protecting guests and staff, and are often advertised to guests as a competitive advantage on why to choose your hotel, motel, or inn. - 1st Veterans Security LLC
Hotel, Motel, Inn Security Officers

1st Veterans Security LLC provides business owners with professional security services which are personalized to protect guests, staff, and property. In addition, when 1st Veterans Security LLC is patrolling your parking lot or facility, you can rest assure that a trained and licensed professional is keeping watch for criminal activity. When guests see a professional security company patrolling the parking area, they will be sure to rest easy that night knowing their vehicles are safe. This is often a competitive advantage that guests use as the deciding factor when making a decision on where to stay.

1st Veterans Security LLC

1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier 1, full service, private security company which protects its clients with experienced security teams comprised of veterans from Special Operations, conventional units, and advanced law enforcement. Our security team of Special Operations veterans works together with clients to find effective security solutions designed specifically for their businesses and lifestyle.

1st Veterans Security LLC is accredited by the better business bureau too. We take this accreditation very seriously and strive to ensure each client is safe, happy, and productive during our security operations.

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