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Houston, Texas: Executive Protection & Personal Protection Services

If you are looking for Executive Protection or Personal Protection services in Houston, Texas, 1st Veterans Security LLC has the experienced Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) to keep you safe, happy, and productive.

Executive Protection & Personal Protection in Houston, Texas - 1st Veterans Security LLC
Executive Protection & Personal Protection in Houston, Texas - 1st Veterans Security LLC

What is Executive Protection versus a Body Guard?

Executive protection (EP) or personal protection is conducted by experienced, trained, and licensed personal protection officers (PPOs), not to be confused with the antiquated term of the 1990s - "bodyguard." The differences between the typical "bodyguard" service and a professional EP or PPO service is staggering and is briefly summarized in that PPOs are required to have a higher level of proficiency in a variety of skillsets and personal traits including training, aptitude, maturity, and professionalism. The PPO will be trained, licensed, and insured for all security operations.

1st Veterans Security LLC
1st Veterans Security LLC

1st Veterans Security LLC provides low-profile, close protection security services conducted by experienced, Tier-1 personal protection officers. Our PPOs are considered Tier-1 in the executive protection community due to their professional backgrounds in U.S. Special Operations and as close protection security contractors (PMCs) on U.S. Federal Contract overseas.

"Close protection services conducted by experienced security operators in Houston, Texas. 1st Veterans Security LLC provides the highest trained and most professional Tier-1 personal protection officers (PPOs) available to the Houston, Texas area." - Business Development Team, 1st Veterans Security LLC

Who Needs Executive Protection or Personal Protection in Houston, Texas?

Executive Protection (EP) services are for clients who require mobile, personal security for themselves, their families, or their business. Usually, the client has a specific security concern in mind such as a personal threat or a general security concern such as an upcoming public event. While the reasons for having executive protection or personal protection are endless, the primary objective is the protection of life.

1st Veterans Security LLC believes in making personal protection accessible to everyone who requires it. For this reason, our clients range from the business executive conducting a corporate takeover of a competitor to the blues/jazz singer making their first debut on a public stage. In both situations, the client wishes to live their normal life, to conduct business as usual, and to not fear for their safety. With 1st Veterans Security LLC protecting them, the client can focus on their personal life or business without fearing the dangers they were originally concerned about.

Common Personal Protection Clients:

  • Corporate Clients

    • CEOs, Board of Directors, C-Suite Executives

  • Law Firms

  • Investment Banks

  • High Net Worth Individuals

  • Singers / Performances

  • Authors / Book Tour Events

  • VIPs / Actors / Actresses

  • Public Figures

  • Political Candidates

Less Known Personal Protection Clients:

  • Families

  • Individuals

  • Small Businesses

  • Authors on book tours and signing books for the public.

  • Jazz singers traveling 200 miles to sing and not wanting to drive on their own.

Personal Protection Officer (PPO)
Personal Protection Officer (PPO)

What Does Executive Protection or Personal Protection in Houston, Texas Cost?

Executive protection plans vary in scope, size, and length so we will need to make some general assumptions in order to provide example costs. However, risk drives everything in security. As the Client, it is incredibly important to be upfront, honest, and as detailed as possible to the security company regarding risk and your security concerns.

"Risk drives everything in security." - 1st Veterans Security LLC

Prior to an EP contract being issued and signed, a competent security company will work up a basic risk profile on the Client. The reasons for this background is to understand if the Client will be effectively protected using a basic two-person PPO team or if the risk profile dictates a High-Risk security element comprised of former special operations veterans, a tactical medic, an advanced team, a quick reaction force, and more. If your security company does not ask for a basic background on the Client or investigates risk profile, do NOT use them for personal protection.

Below is an example client workup for an EP contract.

Example Client 1:

  • Client Name: John Doe

  • Profession: Author

  • Background: John is a mid-level author who is participating in a book signing at a public event this Saturday. He does not have a specific threat, but a general security concern with the public venue. John understands that there is a personal liability to doing his own security, a general threat when a large crowd gathers for an event, and most of all does not want to appear distracted from his fans when signing books because he is also trying to stay alert to his surroundings. John decides he needs executive protection or personal protection for the event.

  • Course of Action: John called 1st Veterans Security LLC to address his security concerns. After a brief phone call with a friendly 1st Veterans Security LLC personal protection officer, a risk profile was generated and an EP plan designed for the book signing event. John qualifies for a low-risk, small business discount and his EP plan can be managed by two PPOs (e.g. PPO#1-Driver ; PPO#2-PSD). John is briefed on the EP plan and agrees to the EP contract.

  • Price: The contract is planned for 13 hours at $150/hour. This package included two PPOs for the Client. (e.g. PPO#1-Driver & PPO#2-PSD). Total price for contract is $1,950.00. *Contracts can vary in rate based on a number of factors including Client risk profile, duration, and location.

The EP service contract includes the following:

  • Pick up John at the airport at 08:00 CST

  • Drive John to his hotel in Upper Kirby, Houston

  • Drive John to his first meeting with his publisher at 10:00 CST

  • Drive John to the event location for the book signing 13:00 CST

  • Provide EP services until the event concludes at 19:00 CST

  • Drive John to dinner at 19:30 CST

  • Drop John off at his hotel for 21:00 CST where the EP service contract is finished.

Global Headquarters: 230 Heymann Blvd. Lafayette, Louisiana 70503

Texas Office: 5900 Balcones Drive, STE 100 Austin, Texas 78731

TX License # B24056501

License # B24056501


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