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Hurricane Security Teams: Selecting a Licensed Security Company During Times of Crisis

Hurricane Security Teams
Hurricane Security Teams

Does your community or business have a professional and licensed contract security team ready for the next natural disaster?

1st Veterans Security LLC is a contract security company which provides licensed, insured, and trained security teams for businesses and clients in our areas of operation. After disaster strikes, the power is out, and emergency services are prioritized for essential operations, who is protecting your business, house, or community? - We are here to help! Our clients know they are protected, and a top priority, when they contract 1st Veterans Security LLC.

Hurricane Security
Hurricane Security

Hurricanes & Security

Devastating hurricanes and major flood events have become a more common natural disaster in the Gulf Coast of the United States. We see images from Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida, Hurricane Harvey, and so on which only remind us of the devastation that only 24-hours of weather can do to the community. Unfortunately, these storms result in major regional damage and bring about a strain on local resources which exasperate the ongoing flooding, power outages, food and water shortages, sanitary complications, civil unrest, and violence which can last for weeks. Do you have a plan to secure your business or community after the next storm?

1st Veterans Security LLC specializes in post disaster security teams which deploy to our clients during times of crisis or natural disaster. These specialized teams are composed of special operations veterans and physical security subject matter experts which are self-sufficient and maintain their own logistical resupply. 1st Veterans Security LLC is different than other contract security companies because of the expertise and experienced security officers we deploy to the field. Many of our disaster security officers are veterans of U.S. special operations.

Licensed Contract Security Companies - Even During Times of Chaos

After a storm, many entities will advertise security services at an inflated cost, but not all of these entities will be appropriately licensed or insured. Don't expose your company, community, or family to un-limited liability by using an un-licensed security company or un-licensed security guard, even during times of chaos.
1st Veterans Security LLC strictly adheres to all local, state, and federal regulations for private security. The Business Development Team is aggressively growing the area of operations by securing the required licenses during the "blue sky" times or well before storm season hits. If a company does not have a security license, don't risk using them. Check out our Texas license number below and our website for additional states!

It is important that the security company you ultimately choose is licensed and registered in the state or the municipality. So, don't hesitate to ask for these credentials before signing a contract! 1st Veterans Security LLC takes your protection seriously. Our protection efforts begin with making sure the paperwork is correct.


Don't wait for the hurricane to enter the Gulf of Mexico. Call us today to see what the options are available for licensed, disaster security teams in your area.
The risk profile will determine the security response and level of security officer 1st Veterans Security LLC deploys to the field. Our security officers are tiered in levels 2-5 to more effectively protect our clients and meet their budget constraints. Learn more about our security guards and executive protection teams on our website.

Don't wait for the storm to hit. Call us today at 337-344-9933.

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