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Private Security Protects Small Businesses

1st Veterans Security LLC works closely with small businesses to ensure they have access to our competent, trained, and experienced security officers at an affordable cost.

What "Value Adds" Do Businesses Get After Contracting 1st Veterans Security LLC?

Small Business & Private Security
Small Business & Private Security

"Value Adds"

  1. Customers feel safe

  2. Employees feel safe

  3. Products are safe

  4. Professional Security Officers are on duty

  5. Many More!

Customers want to feel safe when they are transacting business. They also want to feel safe when walking to and from their vehicle in the parking lot. 1st Veterans Security LLC can help!
Parking Lot Patrols - Security
Parking Lot Patrols

But Can I Afford This?

Yes! 1st Veterans Security LLC works diligently to provide our security services at an affordable cost to small businesses because of our Vision. We aim to make our community safer through providing professional security services to private clients and businesses in our area of operation. Our leadership team firmly believes that all private businesses should have access to the professional security services we provide. Call us today to see how we can provide value through security to your business!


1st Veterans Security LLC protects small businesses and generates a value add to them through providing trained, professional security officers. Our wide range of security services provides the small business owner options to scale their security plan with their budget for security while still addressing the security challenges present. Call us today to discuss your security needs in detail.

We are waiting for your call!
Office: 337-235-0590


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