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"Raising the Bar": Advanced Security Guard Training & Higher Standards at 1st Veterans Security LLC

Raising the Bar is a series where 1st Veterans Security LLC communicates all of the actionable things we are doing to redefine the private security guard / private security officer industry.

1st Veterans Security LLC Field Operations Leadership Team

U.S. Navy - Naval Special Warfare, Ret. (USN-NSW, Ret)


1st Veterans Security LLC is a client focused security company which provides licensed, trained, and experienced professional security officers. Our field operations leadership team, shown above, are experts in the security space because of their decades long careers in U.S. Naval Special Warfare (USN-NSW) and Private Military Contracting (PMC). This same experienced field ops team is in command of the training schedule, qualifications, and certifications required of all 1st Veterans Security LLC guards and officers. We take security training and qualifications very seriously.

Serious Training for Professional Security Officers

Prior to deploying to the field, all security officers are vetted, tested on knowledge and ability, and then provided advanced in-house security training. 1st Veterans Security LLC security officers provide the highest level of protection because we never stop challenging ourselves "to get better." As a company, we are always striving to learn additional skillsets in security.

Director of Operations, Michael Honkala, is in charge of all field operations and security training. Michael's background in security began with his 20 years in Naval Special Warfare and 12 years working in the Private Military Contracting (PMC) space. Now he aims to redefine the security industry by training and deploying a professional and trained security guard / security officer force.

Advanced Security Guard Training & Qualifications

  1. Prior Experience: we require prior, vetted security experience for all Security officers at 1st Veterans Security LLC.

  2. State Security Training: We require all security guards / security officers have the required State security training when applying for or working at 1st Veterans Security LLC.

  3. Additional Advanced 1st Vet Sec Training: We require all security guards and security officers who want to work with our team to pass additional in-house 1st Veterans Security LLC advanced security training.

    • Industry Specific Training (IAHSS; ASIS; HSE; Petrochemical; etc...)

    • Professional Communication, Attitude, and Uniform Standards

    • Situational Awareness Training

    • Verbal De-Escalation Training

    • Alternative Less Lethal Training (OC/Pepper Spray; Baton Certification)

    • Field Medical / Trauma Aid Training

    • Basic Defensive Hand to Hand

    • Advanced Firearms Training, Qualifications, and Certifications

      • Advanced Safety Training

      • Firearm Retention Training

      • Firearm Qualification 2,3,4

    • Much More!


1st Veterans Security LLC is a professional, private security company driven to redefine the security industry. We accomplish this task by "raising the bar" in the security industry starting with ourselves. Our security officers train regularly to maintain the most professional security guard element on the market. Our clients expect the best quality officers available when they contract our team and that is what they get.

Our team mitigates risk and liability to our clients through continuously training various advanced skillsets. Advanced training provides our security officers the opportunity to conduct safe operations with advanced equipment, detect potential problems before they occur, and avoid / mitigate / de-escalate any situation without ever sacrificing safety or peace. Our clients usually never see a security challenge because it is peacefully solved before they arrive on site. These are all value adds only available to a trained security officer. This is why our clients choose our team!


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