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Texas Executive Protection by Special Operations Veterans

"Lessons Learned Overseas Applied to Protect You"

Executive Protection (EP) and Personal Protection Officer (PPO) Teams by Special Operations Veterans
Executive Protection (EP) and Personal Protection Officer (PPO)

There are many executive protection (EP) companies in Texas, but few security companies which provide personal protection officer (PPO) teams comprised of former special operations veterans.

1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier-1, full service, private security company which protects its clients with experienced security teams comprised of veterans of naval special warfare, special operations, conventional units, and advanced law enforcement. Our team of naval special warfare veterans works together with clients to find effective security solutions designed for their businesses and lifestyle.

1st Veterans Security LLC entered the executive protection space in Texas because we were concerned with the minimum level of training many EP companies required of Personal Protection Officers (PPO) prior to deploying them to the field. Real world threats require effective, trained security operators. Our PPO operators are required to have the 55-hours of required State training prior to entering our application portal. The average PPO officer at 1st Veterans Security LLC has had a career in not just Special Operations, but also the high-risk, low profile executive protection space working on Federal Contract for Private Military Companies (PMCs). Our purpose in Texas executive protection is to protect our clients and redefine their expectation and experience with personal protection office teams.

Due to its background in Naval Special Warfare and Private Military Contracting, 1st Veterans Security LLC has the unique ability to hire former U.S. Navy SEALs, MARSOC Raiders, SWCC, and other skilled veterans for executive protection assignments and special security operations. Our teams specialize in executive protection, corporate security, personal protection, estate security, critical site protection, defense consulting, and much more. We aim to hire, train, and deploy as many honorable veterans as possible.

  • Personal Protection Officer (PPO)

  • High-Risk Executive Protection Team

  • Convoy Protection

  • Estate / Facility Protection

  • Post Disaster Protection Operations

  • Travel Advisory, Training, Risk Planning

  • Driving Services

  • Counter-Surveillance / Debugging

  • EOD Operations

  • More...

  • Texas - Entire State

    • Past Areas of Operations

      • Houston, Texas

      • Dallas, Texas

      • Austin, Texas

      • San Antonio, Texas

      • South Texas

      • East Texas

  • Mississippi - Entire State

    • Past Areas of Operations

      • Jackson, Mississippi

      • Gulf Port, Mississippi

      • Hattiesburg, Mississippi

  • Kentucky - Entire State

  • International


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