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Family Office Security

Family Offices, UHNWI, and HNWI face specific threats due to their generational wealth and business ventures.  1st Veterans Security LLC has experience protecting these Principals during their travels and day to day life.  Find out how our team can protect you with our experienced security personnel. 

Family Office Security

Elevate the security standards of your family office with the expertise of 1st Veterans Security LLC.  Our seasoned team, anchored by personnel with specialized training in corporate security operations, brings a level of discipline and adaptability crucial for safeguarding the unique requirements of a family office. 

Family Office Services

Covert Executive Protection

An advanced security strategy designed to safeguard high-profile individuals discreetly and effectively. Employing undercover agents and discreet security measures, this specialized service ensures the safety of executives without drawing undue attention.

Travel Risk Management

A comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals during their journeys. This service involves assessing and mitigating potential risks associated with travel, such as health emergencies, geopolitical instability, and natural disasters.

Embedded EP Programs

Offer a tailored and integrated approach to safeguarding the personal and professional spheres of high-profile individuals. These programs involve deploying a dedicated team of security professionals who seamlessly integrate into the daily life of UHNWI.

Family Office

Security Consulting

Provides a specialized and strategic approach to fortifying the safety and privacy of affluent individuals and their assets. Through meticulous risk assessments and personalized security plans, we work closely with HNWIs to identify and mitigate potential threats.

Backed by a leadership team comprising of Certified Protection Professionals (CPP), U.S. special operations veterans, MBAs, and engineers, we seamlessly blend strategic insight with technical prowess, rooted in globally established security management principles.


1st Veterans Security LLC understands the paramount importance of low-profile security operations, ensuring a discreet yet highly effective approach to safeguarding your assets.  Your family office deserves a security partner that not only provides a low-profile and comprehensive presence but also operates in harmony with the client using globally accepted security principles. 


Partnering with 1st Veterans Security LLC means entrusting your family office to a team dedicated to delivering not just security, but peace of mind grounded in the best practices of the security industry.

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