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Happy New Year - 2023!

The 1st Veterans Security LLC team wishes all of our clients a bright, safe, and happy new year for 2023. If security is a concern for you or your business contact our Business Development Team for a free consultation!

Happy New Year 2023!
Happy New Year 2023!

No matter what your security needs are, we can meet them. Whether you need small event security at a wedding venue, more extensive protection for town events, or discreet, private security services for an important figure, 1st Veterans Security LLC gets the job done. All of the personal protection officers we hire are required to have professional security experience; some members have been seasoned law enforcement officers while others have spent decades in US Special Operations. What they all have in common is their unmatched dedication to providing protection and security in every single mission and for every single client. Your sense of security is no joke, and here, it's the thing we care about the most.

2023 Update Announcement

"We are excited to announce new areas of operation for 1st Veterans Security LLC coming in 2023! The Business Development team worked incredibly hard over 12+ months to strategically expand our license footprint for our valued Clients. Keep a close eye on the website for the latest updates when new areas become available." - Forrest Hise, Partner & Director of Business Development

1st Veterans Security LLC

1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier-1, full service, private security company founded by a team of U.S. Special Operations veterans and private industry business leaders. Our team brings decades of experience in the close protection space and the business space. Our purpose is to provide professional, reliable, and trained security services to business owners, hospitals, facilities, and private Clients in our areas of operation.

Licensed & Insured

1st Veterans Security LLC maintains all required state company security licenses and insurance policy requirements. In addition, our security officers are all trained to exceed the state minimum requirements and standards of security. Our monthly mandatory training and evaluation events, led by veterans of U.S. Special Operations, keeps 1st Veterans Security LLC personnel at a Tier-1 level in physical security.

1st Veterans Security LLC

Security Services​​

Advanced Security Services​

Better Business Accredited Business

Private security services are based in trust. At 1st Veterans Security LLC, establishing and honoring trust with our Clients is very important to our entire team. That is why we have taken the extra step of earning accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB's vision is creating an "ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other." 1st Veterans Security LLC agrees with the BBB's vision and aims to bring a higher standard of trust between the private security industry and the Client.

Better Business Bureau Accredited
Better Business Bureau Accredited

Specialized Security Solutions

1st Veterans Security LLC offers specialized security solutions to our Clients and their businesses. Each client is unique and their specific security concerns need to be addressed as such. Healthcare facilities, clinics, corporate businesses, industrial refineries, jewelry stores, small businesses, family offices, and individual clients are all within the scope of expertise of our Tier-1 security team. Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we can assist you and your business!


Training at 1st Veterans Security LLC is one of the key differences when compared to other security firms. Our leadership believes that competent and professional security is the result of a very trained security officer. For this reason, we require our security officers to have prior professional security experience (e.g. select private security experience, law-enforcement careers, or military service) before submitting an application, we send them to the state mandated security training, and then we send every security officer to our in-house security school to teach them the high internal standards of 1st Veterans Security LLC. If this was not enough, 1st Veterans Security LLC requires regular continuing education training credits from each security officer throughout the year.

Advanced Training

The security officers at 1st Veterans Security LLC receive advanced training to expand their skillset and to keep our clients safe. Advanced training will be dependent on the Client and their needs, but may include the following.

  • Trauma Aid Training (TCCC)

  • CPR/First Aid Training

  • EMR Training

  • IAHSS Certification (Healthcare Facilities & Hospital Environments)

  • HSSE Training

  • Crisis Mitigation & Verbal De-Escalation Certification

  • Business Communication

  • Advanced Patrol Techniques

  • Disaster Response Training

  • Crowd Control / Special Event Security Training

  • And More!

Area of Operations

1st Veterans Security LLC is currently licensed to operate in the States of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky. We are eager to grow our area of operation throughout the United States and look forward to obtaining licensure in neighboring states throughout 2023. Check out our area of operations map on the website to see the latest areas we are licensed in!


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