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Louisiana Executive Protection Services - 1st Veterans Security LLC

"New Orleans Now Nation's Murder Capital" - NBC News

1st Veterans Security LLC
1st Veterans Security LLC
Integrity - Accountability - Discipline - Teamwork

No matter what your security needs are, we can meet them. Whether you need small event security at a wedding venue, more extensive protection for town events, or discreet, private security services for an important figure, 1st Veterans Security LLC gets the job done.

Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama

All of the personal protection officers we hire are required to have professional security experience; some members have been seasoned law enforcement officers while others have spent decades in US Special Operations. What they all have in common is their unmatched dedication to providing protection and security in every single mission and for every single client. Your sense of security is no joke, and here, it's the thing we care about the most.

1st Veterans Security LLC is a Tier-1, full service, private and professional security company founded by a team of U.S. Special Operations veterans and private industry business leaders. Our team brings decades of experience in the close protection space and the business space. Our purpose is to provide professional, reliable, and trained security services to business owners, hospitals, facilities, and private Clients in our areas of operation.

We Make Private Security Simple & Easy

We only hire the best when it comes to 1st Veterans Security LLC personnel. Our instructor cadre are Special Operations veterans who interview, screen, evaluate, train, and test security officer candidates regularly. Our internal standards far exceed the state regulatory "minimum requirements" and are equivalent to those seen on U.S. Federal Contracts for overseas U.S. Government protection details. We hold this high standard because we want to provide our Clients with the same level of professional security and also because many of our security officers have served in this capacity.

We Hire Veterans For Security
Protecting your assets doesn't just mean protecting your money. It also means protecting the important people that may possess assets, industry knowledge, or trade secrets that compromise their security. Here at 1st Veterans LLC, we provide executive protection services for those whose lives may be at risk simply for who they are. Whether you're a CEO, billionaire, celebrity, or other VIP, you know that no matter what you do, you likely have a pair of eyes on you. Without proper protection, it can be hard to feel safe. One of the major benefits of using a close protection security service is that you have someone on the front line dedicated to protecting you or a client at all times.
Executive Protection (EP), also known as close protection, refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of a Client, VIP, Celebrity, or other individual who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations, activity, or geographical location. 1st Veterans Security LLC provides low-profile, close protection security services (e.g. "bodyguard services") for private clients, VIPs, celebrities, public figures, and business executives. The licensed and trained Personal Protection Officers (PPOs) at 1st Veterans Security LLC are considered Tier-1 in the EP community because of their unique professional careers in U.S. Special Operations and as close protection security contractors (PMCs) on U.S. Federal Contract overseas. In addition, PPOs at 1st Veterans Security LLC are required to attend mandatory EP skillset development classes and advanced EP training schools on a regular basis. We do not rely on the minimum training and license standards.

1st Veterans Security LLC is licensed and insured to conduct security operations in a very large area throughout the Gulf Coast! As a single source provider to many of our corporate and private Clients, our security officers and personal protection officers have the unique ability to travel with the Client throughout most of the Gulf Coast. Check out our constantly growing area of operations here!

Area of Operations - 1st Veterans Security LLC
Area of Operations - 1st Veterans Security LLC


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