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Personal Protection Officers: Solutions for Business & Travel Security

Traveling to Texas or Mississippi? 1st Veterans Security LLC will design a personalized security package around your business trip or vacation itinerary to ensure you are protected throughout your travels.

1st Veterans Security LLC - Personal Protection Officer
1st Veterans Security LLC - Personal Protection Officer

What is Executive Protection vs. a "Bodyguard"

Executive protection (EP) or personal protection is conducted by experienced, trained, and licensed personal protection officers (PPOs), not to be confused with the antiquated term of the 1990s - "bodyguard." The differences between the typical "bodyguard" service and a professional EP or PPO service is staggering and is briefly summarized in that PPOs are required to have a higher level of proficiency in a variety of skillsets and personal traits including training, aptitude, maturity, and professionalism. The PPO will be trained, licensed, and insured for all security operations.

1st Veterans Security LLC provides low-profile, close protection security services conducted by experienced, Tier-1 personal protection officers. Our PPOs are considered Tier-1 in the executive protection community due to their professional backgrounds in U.S. Special Operations and as close protection security contractors (PMCs) on U.S. Federal Contract overseas.

We Make Business Security & Travel Security Easy!

If you are traveling to Texas or Mississippi, 1st Veterans Security LLC will design a personalized security package around your business trip or vacation itinerary to ensure you are protected throughout your travels. Our PPOs will pick you up from the airport or hotel and escort you throughout the day and night to the various meetings, restaurants, and locations you had planned to visit. Your safety is our top priority, and with 1st Veterans Security LLC, you will finish your travels safe, happy, and productive.

1st Veterans Security LLC - Travel & Business Security
1st Veterans Security LLC - Travel & Business Security

Benefits to the Client of Business & Travel Security

  • Peace of Mind

  • Dedicated Secure Travel Vehicle

  • Safety During Travel & Business

  • Increases Client's Productivity

  • Violent Crime Prevention

  • Human Trafficking Prevention

How do I get started with contracting 1st Veterans Security LLC for my trip to Texas or Mississippi?

If you would like to learn more about executive protection or personal protection services at 1st Veterans Security LLC, contact our Business Development team for a Free Consultation. We respond to emails, direct messages, or phone calls.

Our Business Development team will introduce a general overview of executive protection and then ask a few simple Client questions regarding:

  • General Travel Timeline

  • Client Expectations

  • Any Specific Security Concerns

After the brief introductory call, a personalized security plan will be drafted and reviewed with the Client.

1st Veterans Security LLC is committed to working with every client to ensure their security needs are met and their expectations for executive protection are redefined after our PPOs protect them. - Leadership Team, 1st Veterans Security LLC

If you need immediate assistance, please call us on our direct line.

Want to Know More?

Here is an example Client introductory call and Business Security Plan to Dallas Texas.

Example 1: Executive Traveling to Dallas, Texas


Stacey is an executive flying into Dallas, Texas at the end of the month for two days of meetings. Her flight arrives Wednesday morning and she plans to depart again Thursday evening. However, Stacey has never been to Dallas, Texas and does not have the luxury of wasting business time trying to figure out the following:

  • Where the hotel is located.

  • Securing transportation.

  • Driving routes to/from each meeting and the hotel in order to be on time.

  • Figuring out the safe places to work between meetings which are spread throughout the city.


Step-1: Call 1st Veterans Security LLC

Stacey's firm calls 1st Veterans Security LLC to arrange executive protection services for her two day business trip in Dallas.

The company liaison calls the Business Development team at 1st Veterans Security LLC and relays the general background provided above. The Business Development team works with the Director of Operations, Mike Honkala, to design a personalized EP plan to meet her security needs. In this case, Stacey's firm has no specific threats and only wants to ensure her general safety and productivity while in a major metropolitan area.

Step-2: Review the personalized EP Plan

1st Veterans Security LLC reviews Stacey's EP plan with her firm and sends a preliminary contract for personal protection services. The EP plan, and subsequent contract, will include some of the following:

  • Pick Up Date / Time (e.g. Start of PPO Contract)

  • Specific Itinerary Provided by Client

    • Meeting Locations, Times, etc...

    • Restaurant plans

    • Non-work related stops / events (e.g. concerts, music venues, museums, etc...)

  • Basic Client Profile

    • Dietary Restrictions

    • Life Threatening Allergies

    • Pre-existing injuries

  • Drop Off Date / Time (e.g. End of PPO Contract)

Step-3: Review & Sign the PPO Contract

Stacey's firm , "The Client", reviews the contract and EP plan for Stacey while in Dallas, Texas and likes the personal protection service proposal. Stacey signs the contract and embarks on the business trip as scheduled.

Step-4: Enjoy a Productive Business Trip

Stacey arrives at the airport and is greeted by a 1st Veterans Security LLC Personal Protection Officer. The PPO is an executive protection specialist who is a licensed Level-4 PPO, insured, and very trained professional. The PPO escorts Stacey to a designated vehicle and the PPO Contract is underway.

Stacey can work, relax, or catch up on calls while she is driven to her first meeting. The PPO already has driven the route to each location and understands the traffic conditions. Stacey can focus on her business, not the headache of traveling or safety in a big city.

Conclusion: Safe, Successful, Time-Efficient Trip

At the end of the trip, Stacey is driven to the airport and leaves a successful, safe, and time-efficient trip to Dallas, Texas.


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