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Oil and Gas Security

Oil and Gas Security Teams

HSSE Approved Security Officers for Refinery, Industrial, and Petroleum Assets

1st Veterans Security LLC
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The petro-chemical and petroleum industries are considered critical infrastructure high-value targets by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and by various other intelligence groups throughout the world.  If a criminal element or terrorist organization is successful in stopping the flow of hydrocarbons from an upstream asset to a downstream refinery or its subsequent flow to market, the international economic consequences would be long and terrible.

Deep water upstream oil assets, mid-stream refineries and pipelines, and oil and gas storage facilities are all critical nodes in the delicate refining process of hydrocarbons. Therefore, these multi-million and billion dollar high-value assets deserve the most experienced physical security measures available.  When protecting these multi-million or billion dollar assets, 1st Veterans Security LLC utilizes our high-risk security team.  These experienced security officers have professional backgrounds in U.S. Special Operations but are also expertly trained and certified in the necessary Health, Safety, Security, Environment (HSSE) approved courses to satisfy all local, federal, and company regulations and guidelines.

How We Protect Critical Infrastructure

Protecting high-value assets, such as refineries and large industrial parks, requires specific experience, training, and foresight.  1st Veterans Security LLC provides a special operations capable guard force which adheres to a strict Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) protocol to protect your personnel and facility.  Our armed security officers are screened, licensed, and trained regularly to provide the most effective security protection to our Clients.  Contact 1st Veterans Security LLC to learn more about how we can secure your energy asset, refinery, or pipeline. 

If you need a private security or other security services contact us for a free Consultation.

Refinery Security Teams

Refinery Security Solutions
1st Veterans Security LLC

Trained, Licensed, Insured

Critical Infrastructure Security

1st Veterans Security LLC provides a full range of physical security services when protecting critical infrastructure like petro-chemical refineries or pipelines.  Our high-risk security team designs a custom security plan in conjunction with HSSE Management to ensure your asset is effectively protected from all real world threats. 

Oil and Gas Security

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  3. Carbon Capture Sequestration and Utilization (CCUS) Security

  4. Pipeline Security

  5. Industrial Security

  6. Maritime Asset Security

Maritime Security Teams

Maritime Asset Protection
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